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GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 LED Third Brake & Cargo Light Upgrade

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Brand: Headlight Revolution




PART #: 2 x GTR.LED602, 1 x GTR.LED601

*Guaranteed Fitment
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Introducing the game-changing 2022+ Ford Maverick GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 Third Brake And Cargo Light Upgrade. Elevate your vehicle's lighting system with the unmatched brilliance of Carbide 2.0 LED bulbs. Designed for both enhanced visibility and safety, these bulbs emit a powerful, focused beam of light, illuminating your third brake light and cargo area like never before. Built to endure the toughest conditions, whether it's off-road explorations or daily commutes, these LEDs guarantee exceptional brightness and longevity. The seamless integration of Canbus technology ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating 'bulb-out' warnings, flickers, and hyper flashes. Upgrade to the Carbide 2.0 and redefine your driving visibility with GTR Lighting's cutting-edge innovation.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Experience brilliant brightness with Carbide 2.0 LEDs.
  • Focused Beam: Illuminate brake and cargo areas effectively.
  • Durable Design: Built for tough conditions and adventures.
  • Canbus Integration: No warnings, flickers, or hyper flashes.
  • Longevity: Exceptional brightness and lasting performance.


  • 921 Carbide Canbus 2.0 LED Bulbs: 3x (3 LED Bulbs)


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Intensity: 1,200lm (Raw; Each)

  • Power: 24w

  • Dimensions: 0.79in / 20mm DIA, 2.3in / 59mm L



  • Ford Maverick: 2022+

  • Housings: Designed for, and confirmed to fit, Stock Housings

2022+ Ford Maverick GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 Third Brake And Cargo Light Upgrade: Here at Headlight Revolution, we do lighting better because we test. The GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 LED third brake light and cargo light bulb upgrade is a testament to that. Designed to enhance visibility and safety, this upgrade is a game-changer for your vehicle's lighting system. The Carbide 2.0 LED bulbs provide a powerful and focused beam of light, ensuring that your third brake light and cargo area are brilliantly illuminated. These bulbs offer exceptional brightness, longevity, and efficiency. They are built to withstand the harshest conditions, making them perfect for off-road adventures or daily commutes. Experience superior lighting performance and peace of mind with the GTR Lighting Carbide 2.0 LED third brake light and cargo light bulb upgrade.


Carbide Series Overview: The Carbide Series 2.0 921/T15 from GTR Lighting is a remarkable bump in performance from what was already a good light in version 1.0. These LED Lights are focused on one thing, getting the most light onto your target as physics will allow for. Here at Headlight Revolution we personally love the visual appeal of the lights even when they're off. GTR poured some real effort into designing an attractive package and it shows. What might amaze you is how much technology is packed inside though.

CANbus Compatible: Canbus vehicles can wreck a brilliant lighting upgrade in no time. GTR doesn't want its customers experiencing that pain and neither do we. That's why we love that the Carbide Series 2.0 has Canbus integration built-in. No more resistors, no more having to hack your wiring to ensure you avoid 'bulb-out' warnings, no more flicker, and no more hyper flash. It's all a thing of the past with the Carbide 2.0.

Redundencey: The Carbide Series 2.0 features something called the Intelligent Temperature Control System or ITCS. It features layers of design that keep this bulb cool on the hottest of days. First, the aluminum casting itself evacuates heat at a rapid pace. Add to it internal heat sink fins that further cool the light. Finally, if for some reason the light should experience unexpectedly high temperatures a thermistor circuit is constantly monitoring in case the power needs to be reduced. There's no way around it, GTR wants this to be the last set of bulbs you ever buy.

We don't favor any particular brand, , use the "buyers guide" on our homepage! Be sure to check out the HR YouTube channel for hundreds of helpful install and review videos!

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