31mm: XTR LED Bulbs

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PART #: 1 x XD.LED172

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Introducing our Xtreme LED Festoon Bulbs – the ultimate solution for upgrading your vehicle's lighting game. Designed with precision, these ceramic replacement bulbs seamlessly replace incandescent festoon bulbs, offering a direct fit and hassle-free installation. With two automotive-grade 5500K Philips LumiLED emitters per bulb, experience a dazzling pure white output, free from any undesirable bluish hues. Say goodbye to unnatural greenish tones as our high CRI rating ensures true color representation. Unmatched thermal management sets these bulbs apart. Crafted entirely from ceramic, they can withstand higher temperatures, outperforming cheaper plastic alternatives. Mounting the diodes directly onto the ceramic body maximizes heat dissipation efficiency, translating to unwavering brightness and reliability. And that's not all – our innovative ceramic heat sink design ensures your factory map, dome, or cargo light socket remains safe from shorts, setting us apart from aluminum heat sink alternatives that risk damaging your sockets.


  • Brilliant White Output: Dual 5500K Philips LumiLED emitters for pure light.
  • High CRI Rating: Natural colors with high Color Rendering Index.
  • Advanced Thermal Management: Ceramic build for superior heat resistance.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Diode mounting maximizes brightness and reliability.
  • Socket Safety: Ceramic design prevents shorting, unlike aluminum alternatives.


  • LED Bulb: 1x 31mm Festoon Xtreme LED Bulb


This XenonDepot product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the XenonDepot team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us. Refunds Not Accepted.


  • Intensity: 50lm

  • Power: 0.7w

  • Material: Ceramic (Base)

  • Light Source: 2x Philips Lumiled 6000K (Neutral White)


  • Cross Compatibility: 3022, DE3021, DE3022, DE3175, 13050, 6428, 6461

Xtreme LED Festoon Bulbs: Xtreme LED festoon ceramic replacement bulbs are designed to be a direct fit for incandescent festoon bulbs. Each bulb features two automotive grade 5500K Philips LumiLED emitters for a pure white output with no unwanted bluish tones. Their high CRI rating also ensures you don't get unnatural greenish tones -- highly unwanted.

Thermal Management: The body of the bulb is made entirely out of ceramic to ensure the bulb can withstand higher environment temperatures--way better then lower priced plastic alternatives. We've also taken the pioneering step of mounting the diodes right onto the ceramic body to create the highest possible heat dissipation efficiency -- they're bright and reliable.

Dare to Compare: Our ceramic heat sink design ensures that you can't short out the factory map, dome, or cargo light socket; alternate LED festoon bulbs that use aluminum heat sinks can easily fry your socket as aluminum is conductive and can cause a short.

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