50W 3ohm Resistor

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Brand: GTR Lighting




PART #: 1 x GTR.H112.2

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GTR Lighting's Style Resistors are a practical solution to combat light flickering and bulb out warnings when upgrading to LED or HID lighting in your vehicle. These resistors address the issue of lower power requirements in modern bulbs, which often trigger false alerts in the vehicle's electrical system. With GTR Lighting's Style Resistors, you can seamlessly integrate new lighting technology into your vehicle without any hassle. These resistors generate heat due to their intended function, making it crucial to securely mount them with screws, avoiding heat-sensitive materials nearby. They effectively mimic the power consumption of traditional bulbs, preventing false alerts and ensuring a smooth transition to modern lighting. GTR Lighting's Style Resistors are a dependable choice for maintaining the functionality and appearance of your vehicle's lighting system.


  • No Flickering: Prevents light flickering and bulb out warnings during LED/HID upgrades.
  • Power Adaptation: Adjusts power for modern bulbs, avoiding false vehicle alerts.
  • Heat Management: Secure mounting prevents damage to nearby heat-sensitive components.
  • Seamless Integration: Mimics traditional bulbs for smooth technology transition.
  • Reliable: Ensures hassle-free maintenance and improved lighting performance.


  • Resistors: 2x (1 pair) Resistors


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Current: 50w

  • Impedance: 3ohm

GTR Style Resistors: When you install LED or HID lighting where halogens used to reside many vehicles experience major light flickering or bulb out warnings. This is due to the lower power requirement of the LED or HID bulb. The vehicle's electrical system thinks that the bulb is actually out because it's not requiring as much power. GTR Lighting gives you the power to end this problem for good with their stunning Style Resistors that trick the vehicle into thinking that the old-school bulb is still installed.

Heat: As a result of their intended function, these resistors get very hot. It's vital to install them somewhere that where you can mount them with screws and not zip-ties. It's also important to put them in a space that won't be near anything that's heat sensitive. These get hot enough to melt some plastics and wiring if left in close proximity.

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by -

Thanks HR love the content on YouTube. Help my after market tail lights hyper flashing on my turn signal.


Super Bright

by -

I saw these LED lights on A YouTube video. So purchased the rear brake lights, reverse lights and center brake light. I installed them and to my surprise there at the minimum there twice as bright. Helps people realize there is someone stopping in front of them. Recommend them to anyone.


Good Product Undesired Results

by -

The product was good well made and easy to install for anyone with some car and tool knowledge. I had done written correspondence with a HR tech and he seemed to know what the problem was so I ordered the suggested parts. The installation went well but the result was I still had the same problem. I would have brought my vehicle in but I am six states away. So am looking for a comparable shop in my area to see if they can figure out how to resolve the issue.



by -

I needed these to get rid of hyper flash on my 2004 Dodge Dakota custom install, word or warning they get incredibly hot, I mounted mine on a heat sink to protect my truck and the resistors.


Bright turn signals now

by -

Even with the partially clouded external lenses these bulbs shine through quite well and the blinking is as should be expected for factory timing.


LED resister

by -

The service and response in ordering this product was great

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