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Porsche 911 993 (94-98): Morimoto XB LED Headlights

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x LF993C


Introducing the Morimoto 993 Bi-LED Headlights – a cutting-edge upgrade for Porsche enthusiasts. These headlights are a direct bolt-on fit for 993-Era Porsche 911s from 1995-1998, including Carrera, Carrera S, Cabrio, Targa, and Turbos. They feature a high-output Bi-LED projector, offering a significantly brighter and wider low beam, while the high beam penetrates distance effortlessly. Compliant with SAE and DOT standards, they include integrated aiming adjusters for easy alignment. These headlights are plug-and-play, compatible with both halogen and Xenon/Litronic headlights. Their design preserves the classic 993 styling while incorporating modern elements like daytime running lights. You can choose between Classic White and Modern White models, both matched to the color of the LED projector. With a durable UV-treated polycarbonate lens and OE-grade wiring, these headlights are built for longevity, ensuring they last the lifetime of your classic 993. Upgrade your Porsche with Morimoto's 993 Bi-LED Headlights for superior performance and style.


  • Direct Fit: Bolt-on design for 993-Era Porsche 911s (1995-1998).
  • Bi-LED Projector: High-output for a brighter, wider low beam and strong high beam.
  • SAE/DOT Compliant: Meets/exceeds standards with integrated adjusters.
  • Compatibility: Works with halogen & Xenon/Litronic headlights.
  • Durable Build: UV-treated polycarbonate lenses, OE-grade wiring.


  • Headlights: 2x (One Pair) 95-98 Porsche 993 XB LED Headlights

  • Gaskets: 2x (One Pair) New rubber lens gaskets included

  • Wiring: Plug and Play Harness, Fuse Tap, Litronic Adapter Cables


This Morimoto product includes a 5 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • INTENSITY: 3,200lm (raw; each)


  • INPUT: Porsche Multi-Pin OEM

  • FUNCTIONS: DRL (White), Parking, Low Beam, High Beam

  • BEZEL COLOR: Gloss / Gunmetal Metallic Gray

  • MATERIAL: ABS Plastic (Housing), UV-Resistant Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • OPTIC: Single 3” Kuria Optic Bi-LED

  • UV COATING: Momentive UVHC3000



  • Porsche 911: 95-98 (993 Body style) (All sub-models included)

  • US Spec Cars: Halogen and Litronic/Xenon

  • EU Spec Cars: Unknown/Not confirmed

  • Replaces Porsche Part #: 99363105200, 99363105100, 99363190300, 99363105102, 99363103101, 99363103102



Air Cooled: If you know, you know. There is nothing that looks better. Nothing that sounds better. Nothing with more character... than a classic air-cooled Porsche. Everything about these cars is the pinnacle of perfection for analog-enthusiasts, and we wouldn't change a thing. These were simpler times, but simpler times also came with simple headlights, and that's one thing we Porsche fans don’t necessarily admire. Especially when the original lenses are now starting to haze, and its dark outside. At Morimoto, we get it, and that's why our new 993 Bi-LED headlights are about as future-proof as the 911 itself.

Compatible: these are a direct bolt-on fitment for all 993-Era Porsche 911s from 1995-1998 including the Carrera, Carrera S, Cabio, Targa, and Turbos. They slide and lock into the front fenders just like the original units, and should not take more than an hour at most to install.

Bi-LED: The Morimoto XB LED headlights for the 993 come standard with a single high-output Bi-LED projector, just like the OEM headlights found on the latest 911s. They're going to perform even better than they look, with a wider, significantly brighter low beam, and a high beam that will penetrate far into the distance with ease. To top it all off, these optics meet & exceed all SAE, DOT standards when aimed properly, which is easy to do with their integrated aiming adjusters.

Plug n Play: The Porsche 993 XB LED Headlights from Morimoto are designed to work without any modifications. These LED headlights will plug into the factory connectors for the stock lights on all US-spec cars. They are compatible with 911s that have both halogen or Xenon/Litronic headlights. It is worth noting that while the multi-pin connector on these headlights is designed to slide in and mate with the factory headlight connector, throughout R&D we encountered several cars with broken mounts, resulting in the need to manually connect the wiring before locking the headlight in place.

Style: Unmistakably inspired by the design from a Porsche tuner, these are the perfect solution to modernize the front-end of your 993 without compromising the delicate styling of the car. The geometry and much of the fluted texture on the front-lens has been preserved. The optical light pipe that wraps around the outer perimeter of the housings acts as a low intensity parking light and the full intensity daytime running light. The optics create four pronounced hot-spots in each corner of the light, which are also reminiscent of what Porsche did on the 991-generation cars.

Classic or Modern White: The Classic White model looks especially natural on the car with the warm white LEDs, and could truly pass for original-equipment, while the Modern White version offers a more updated appearance. In either case, we have matched the color of the daytime running light optics and main low/high beam LED projector.

Well-Built: The durable polycarbonate lens has been UV treated, and will resist the test of time, keeping the housings looking new for many years to come. All wiring and connections are OE grade, and the optics inside are designed to maximize visibility on par with modern Porsche lights. The price is justified, and as the saying goes: you pay for what you get. These headlights are built to exceed all expectations and should easily last the life of your classic 993!

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