Morimoto BangerBar Power Harness (BigBanger)


PART #: 1 x BAF133H

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Product Details

Power Up: The Morimoto BigBanger Bar is a piece of equipment designed to set a new standard in in its segment, and the same goes for the wiring. This harness is designed to control a series of BigBanger pods and their dual intensity backlight with ease.

OEM+: Not one component on the harness was overlooked for the sake of cost or simplicity. Triple sealed proprietary 4-pin relay with hanger. Proprietary over-molded inline fuse holder with 20A mini fuse. DT06-4S female outputs with dual seals. Stainless steel power and ground terminals. Proprietary M-Spec push button switch with amber-LED backlight.

Proper: All wiring is properly sized and relays rated for flicker-free, reliable power delivery. Every line of the 16 awg copper wiring is protected with black mesh insulation. Every connector has been over-molded, sealed, or protected with heavy duty heat shrink. Your factory wire harness will fall apart before this thing.

Plug n Play: The connections on the harness have been laid out in a logical way to power up to seven BigBangers linked together with the BangerBar links. The wiring for the in-cabin push button switch has an in-line barrel connector that drastically improves ease of installation, since you don't have to jam the switch mechanism through the firewall. The harness also includes an input line that's ideal for use with upfitter switches.

DRL Drive: The harness is designed to send power to the BigBanger backlight using an ignition-switched power source in your fuse box. To do so, the harness includes both a mini and micro fuse tap to ensure success regardless of your make/model. This will make the backlight run at full intensity. In order to dim the backlight for dusk or night time driving, the harness has a separate line that should be tapped into your parking light or low beam circuit.

Compatible: This harness is a perfect match for Morimoto BigBanger LED pods linked together as a light bar. It is purposely designed to deliver enough power, and control the dual intensity backlight. While it may work with other 4-pin LED pods on the market, it is not designed it to be universal.

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Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Harness: 1x Morimoto BigBanger 7-Pod Power Harness

  • Switch 1: 1x M-spec Push Button Switch Kit

  • Switch 2: Upfitter switch input adapter kit

  • Backlight Power Kit: Mini and Micro fuse inputs

  • Output Caps: 7x (for un-used outputs)

  • Warranty:Lifetime (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • LED Pods: Morimoto BigBanger HXB and NCS

  • BangerBar System: Yes

  • Pod Quantity: Min (3) Max (7)

  • Tech Specs

  • Relay: Triple Sealed 40A M-Spec

  • Switch: Normally off M-Spec w/ Amber backlight

  • Outputs: DT06-4 Pin (7x)

  • Main Input: 12V+/- Battery Terminals

  • : cklight Input::Mini or Micro fuse tap

  • Wiring: Insulated 16 AWG Copper

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