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4Banger Bar: 4 Pod / 16.5"

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x BAF003.2, 1 x BAF005.2, 1 x BAF088SF, 3 x BAF088, 1 x BAF130H

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Introducing the Morimoto Double Row BangerBar – the ultimate off-road lighting upgrade for your vehicle! Since 2008, Morimoto has been at the forefront of automotive lighting innovation, and this bespoke light bar is no exception. With the power to spec your preferred settings – from color to length and radius – you're in control of your adventure. Featuring the 4Banger Pods, precision-engineered aluminum links, and universal end-mounts, this light bar delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and fitment. Choose between the NCS and HXB versions, both equipped with cutting-edge Osram LED chips for unparalleled brightness. Whether you prefer a straight or curved setup, this bar offers flexibility like no other, making it a perfect addition to your front bumper, grille, or roof rack. The Combo, Spot, and Wide Beam pods work together to illuminate your path, while the white, yellow, or white/yellow combo options ensure visibility in all weather conditions. Built for endurance, the Morimoto BangerBar boasts a copper DTP PCB, weather-resistant design, and robust aluminum construction. Plus, the included wire harness is thoughtfully designed with proprietary components for hassle-free installation.


  • Customizable: Tailor Morimoto BangerBar with adjustable power, color, length, and radius.
  • High Visibility: Osram LEDs and advanced optics provide exceptional visibility with various beam options.
  • All-Weather: Built to withstand any conditions, offering white and yellow output options.
  • Durable: Robust construction, efficient heat management, and weather-resistant components ensure longevity.
  • Easy Install: Includes a premium wire harness for effortless setup and control.


  • LED Pods: 2x Morimoto 4Banger Combo (White or Yellow)

  • LED Pods: 2x Morimoto 4Banger Wide (White or Yellow)

  • Pod Links: 3x 4Banger Adjustable CNC Links w/ Hardware

  • Universal Mounting Feet: 2x Adjustable Surface Mounts w/ Hardware

  • Relay Harnesses: 2x Morimoto Switched Power Harnesses


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Peak Luminosity (raw): 5,400 lm (NCS), 12,000 lm (HXB)

  • Intensity (HXB White): 200,800 Cd (2,008 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Dual Color): 185,400 Cd (1,854 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Yellow): 138,600 Cd (1,386 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (NCS White): 139,800 Cd (1,398 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (NCS Dual Color): 128,360 Cd (1,284 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (NCS Yellow): 95,060 Cd (951 lux @ 10m)

  • Power (stabilized): 62.4w (NCS), 168.0w (HXB)

  • Current (amps @ 13.5V DC): 6.00A (NCS), 12.80A (HXB)


  • Universal: Mounts anywhere w/ included mounting Feet

  • Ideal for: Steel Roof Racks and Bumpers

  • Width: 41.86cm / 16.48in

  • Height: 80.3mm / 3.16in

  • Depth: 60.1mm / 2.36in

  • Weight: 3.40kg / 7.49lb

  • Mounting Width Range: 14.23-18.98" / 36.14-48.21cm


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