Universal 4.5" Round LED Headlights

JW Speaker Model 8415


PART #: 1 x 551761

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Headlight Revolution: Is J.W. Speaker's biggest distributor in the Southeast! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Atlanta, GA: We stock and more of their products to our retail and wholesale customer groups and our volume allows us to afford you the best price! If you're interested, but on the edge, give us a call for a quote and we're sure you'll be sold.

Our Model 8415 has been updated to an Evolution Series solution, delivering even better performance with a new, lightweight yet durable platform.

Designed for OEMs and aftermarket customers alike, these powerful round LED headlights include a custom version that meets UL standards for industrial use.

Features: High performance optics with increased high beam intensity, New high-impact, corrosion-resistant XENOY housing, Custom version with polycarbonate housing designed for industrial applications needing UL requirements, Improved thermal management using thermoplastic technology found in our XD work light series, Adjustable or fixed mounting options, This new version was designed to retrofit ATV and snowmobile applications.

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we spend a lot of time installing and testing the products you'll find for sale. We don't favor any particular brand, so our commitment to you is that we'll deliver the best product for your application, period. To see all of the compatible lighting upgrades for your vehicle, use the Buyer's Guide on our homepage! Be sure to check out the HR YouTube channel for hundreds of helpful install and review videos!

Product Specs

  • Compatibility

  • 551761: JW Speaker: 8415-EV 12/24V Polycarb High/Low Rigid Mount

  • 552031: JW Speaker: 8415-EV 12/24V Highbeam/Lowbeam Universal Mount

  • 551191: JW Speaker: 8415-EV 12/24V Xenoy High/Low Univ Mount

  • Tech Specs

  • Current: 0.41-1.14A @ 12V DC

  • Input Voltage: 10-30V DC

  • Input: PE 12110293

  • Material: Xenoy (Body), Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • Dimensions: 4.71in H, 4.38in W, 2.87in D

  • Compliance: SAE J1623, SAE J2258, ASABE S608, ECE Reg 113 Class C

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Replaced my OEM Halogens in

Don Caldwell

Replaced my OEM Halogens in my golf cart.

4 out of 5 stars

Great Kit Car Solution


I'm building a DF Goblin kit car and knew that I wanted a LED sealed beam replacement housing. After my experience with JW Speaker's 8790 Adaptive on my motorcycle, they were my first choice. Problem was, a 5.75" or 7" round light was going to make the car look like a bugeyed, and I didn't want that look. Enter the 8415; it's small, dual beam, and far cheaper than I had anticipated.