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Oracle ColorShift RGB DRL Boards: 21+ Bronco

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Brand: Oracle Lighting




PART #: 1 x ORC1468-333


Introducing the dynamic ORACLE 2021+ Ford Bronco DRL + halo kit, designed to redefine your vehicle's lighting aesthetics. Embrace the future with ORACLE Lighting's advanced Dynamic ColorSHIFT technology, which offers an array of moving color patterns, setting your ride apart. This kit boasts a unique Dynamic Switchback Turn Signal, ensuring sequential light effects across the rings and DRL board. The inclusion of the Dynamic ColorSHIFT Demon Eye Kit illuminates your headlight's projectors in captivating ways. With over 200 pre-programmed patterns, control has never been more intuitive; manage the system effortlessly through a free smartphone app. Whether it's static colors, the pristine white mode for daily drives, or custom designs via pixel editing, customization knows no bounds.


  • Advanced Lighting: Incorporates Dynamic ColorSHIFT technology for moving color displays.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes Dynamic Switchback Turn Signal and ColorSHIFT Demon Eye Kit.
  • Intuitive Control: Easily manage lighting through a dedicated smartphone app.
  • Customizable Patterns: Over 200 pre-set patterns and pixel editing for personal designs.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Features both dynamic patterns and static color modes for diverse needs.


  • DRL Boards: 2x (One Pair) Oracle 21+ Ford Bronco ColorShift RGB DRL Boards

  • Halos: 2x (One Pair) Oracle ColorShift RGB Halos

  • RGB Controller: As Selected


This product is covered by a 1 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Light Source: ColorShift RGB LEDs


  • Ford Bronco: 2021+ w/ Signature DRL

New from Oracle:Outfit your ride with this dynamic 2021+ Ford Bronco DRL + halo kit! The ORACLE Lighting Dynamic ColorSHIFT technology is the latest advancement in our expansive lighting modifications. This feature allows the user to run multiple moving color patterns through the product, creating a vivid eye-catching lighting effect. This kit includes a Dynamic Switchback Turn Signal featuring a sequential movement effect through the rings and DRL board. Also included is a Dynamic ColorSHIFT Demon Eye Kit, which is used to backlight your headlight's projectors. Conveniently controlled through a free smartphone app, the system features over 200 pre-programmed moving patterns as well as static color control and white mode for normal street driving. In addition to the pre-programmed features, the user can also create custom designs through pixel editing in the app.

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