Rigid Q-Series Pro LED Light Pods


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OVERVIEW: The Q-Series is designed and built to withstand the harshest working environments imaginable. Constructed of the toughest and most durable materials available, including a double-pass TIG-welded stainless steel bracket with vibration isolator, the Q-Series provides reliable, powerful LED light and is tough enough to withstand mining, agriculture, construction, and the oil and gas industries. The rugged construction also makes it well suited to extreme environments. If the application is severe, the Q-Series is the ultimate lighting solution. RIGID's Q-Series lights are also available with a durable white finish. Though suitable for marine applications, RIGID's white lighting products are perfect for use anywhere an alternative to black is desired. The distinctive white is a durable UV-resistant powder coated finish with an additional chromate conversion coating for superior corrosion resistance. They feature the same legendary lighting technology and superior build quality as the rest of RIGID's lighting products, providing reliable and efficient lighting on demand.

Rigid LED Lighting x HR: Here at HR, we represent the best brands in automotive lighting. We know more about high performance lighting than any other distributor on the planet because its all we do, all day every day. Rigid Industries is the originator in the off road lighting market and to this day continues to push the envelope with leading edge design, technology, and most of all, light output. To see what products Rigid makes that are a direct fit for your vehicle, use our convenient Buyer's Guide. Otherwise, hit up our dedicated staff of lighting enthusiasts who can help you make the call on what Rigid Industries product is right for you.

Product Specs

  • Compatibility

  • RIG244113: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Flood / Each

  • RIG244213: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Spot / Each

  • RIG244513: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Flood/Diffused / Each

  • RIG244613: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Spot/Down Diffused / Each

  • RIG244713: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Flood/Down Diffused / Each

  • RIG245113: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Flood / White Housing / Each

  • RIG245213: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Spot / White Housing / Each

  • RIG245513: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Flood Diffused / White Housing / Each

  • RIG544313: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Driving / Each

  • RIG544513: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Driving Diffused / Each

  • RIG544613: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Driving/Down Diffused / Each

  • RIG544713: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Hyperspot / Each

  • RIG544813: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Hyperspot/Driving / Each

  • RIG545513: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Driving Diffused / White Housing / Each

  • RIG545613: Q-Series Pro LED Light: Driving/Down Diffused / White Housing / Each

  • Tech Specs

  • Intensity: 7,040-19,008lm

  • Current: 5.7-13.9A @ 12V DC

  • Compliance: IP68

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