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Roof Light LED System: Ford Bronco (21+)


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Product Details

New from Baja Designs: Carefully designed to be the ultimate roof mounted light bar kit for2021 Ford Bronco. The 50 Inch OnX6+ Dual Control combines far reaching, high speed spot reflectors with the Baja Designs Driving Combo lens for a smooth yet intense pattern that will light up the whole trail. The Dual Control functionality allows for you you to control the outer two sections and the inner three independently form each other. With this functionality you will be able to meter your light bar for all situations! This kit includes a 50 Inch OnX6+ Dual Control LED Light Bar, vehicle specific mounting brackets, hardware, and two toggle switchwiring harnesses to make installation a breeze. No cutting, trimming, or drilling is required and all wiring is pre-sized for your vehicle.

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Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • Lights: 8x XL or 1x OnX6 Light Bar (Based on Selection)

  • Wiring: 1x Relay Harness, Extensions

  • Hardware: Mounting Brackets, Hardware

  • Warranty:Lifetime Limited (Click for Details)

  • Compatibility

  • 447759UP: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in OnX6 Dual Control w/ Upfitter)

  • 447759: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in OnX6 Dual Control)

  • 447757UP: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in OnX6 w/ Upfitter)

  • 447757: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in OnX6)

  • 447758UP: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in S8 w/ Upfitter)

  • 447758: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (50in S8)

  • 447756UP: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (8x XL w/ Upfitter)

  • 447756: BD Roof Mount LED System: 21+ Bronco (8x XL)

  • Tech Specs

  • Tech Specs: of OnX6 Model

  • INTENSITY: 39,430lm

  • POWER: 355w

  • CURRENT: 28.2A @ 12V DC

  • DIMENSIONS: 50in x 4.29in x 2.69in

  • WEIGHT: 18.65lbs

  • LIGHT COLOR: 5000K (Pure White)

  • MATERIAL: Hard Coated Polycarbonate (Lens), Anodized Aluminum (Housing), Billet Aluminum (Bezel), Stainless Steel (Hardware, Bracket)


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