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PART #: 1 x HIL-RL4G


Illuminate the path ahead with Vision X's LED Rock Light Kits. These kits are designed to provide intense illumination, with each pod delivering a staggering 9 Watts of light. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or simply looking to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics, these waterproof LED underbody lights are the perfect solution. They can be strategically placed in the wheel well or around the tires, ensuring optimal visibility and a touch of style. With options available for both small vehicles and larger trucks, these kits are versatile and comprehensive. The inclusion of both flat mount and tube mount bases ensures a hassle-free installation process. Moreover, the control box simplifies the connection, eliminating the need for tedious wire splicing. With a 4-year warranty, these kits are a testament to Vision X's commitment to quality and durability.


  • High-Intensity Illumination Each pod delivers 9 Watts of powerful light.
  • Waterproof Design Ensures durability and performance in all conditions.
  • Versatile Kits Options available for both small vehicles and larger trucks.
  • Easy Installation Flat mount and tube mount bases included for convenience.
  • Trusted Brand Vision X is a renowned name in the LED technology industry, known for quality and innovation.


  • Rock Lights: 4x or 6x VisionX Rock Lights

  • RGB Controller: Included with RGB Models

  • Mounts: 4x or 6x Rock and Tube Mounts


This product is covered by a 4 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Power: 9w/ea

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum


  • HIL-RL4A: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 4 Pod Set / Amber)

  • HIL-RL4G: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 4 Pod Set / Green)

  • HIL-RL4M: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 4 Pod Set / RGB w/ Bluetooth Controller)

  • HIL-RL4R: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 4 Pod Set / Red)

  • HIL-RL4W: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 4 Pod Set / White)

  • HIL-RL6A: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 6 Pod Set / Amber)

  • HIL-RL6B: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 6 Pod Set / Blue)

  • HIL-RL6G: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 6 Pod Set / Green)

  • HIL-RL6M: Vision X LED Rock Light System: (9W / 6 Pod Set / RGB w/ Bluetooth Controller)

VisionX Rock Lights: The new Vision X LED Rock Light Kits feature 9 Watts per Pod of earth blazing light. Mount these waterproof LED underbody Lights in your wheel well, in front or behind each tire to gain the best visibility and style. Offered in a 4-Light 36 Watt Kit (UTV or Small Vehicle) or 6-Light 54 Watt Kit (Truck or 4-Door Jeep), each kit comes with a Flat mount and Tube Mount base for each pod to aid an easy installation. The Supplied Control box allows for easy connection and wire routing without cutting and splicing each Pod lead. Each Kit features a 4-Year Warranty.

Vision X: Is known for producing some of the automotive industry's most unique, highest performing LED Light bars and LED Spot lights for the modern demands of enthusiasts today. Their products perform on par with the best names in the business like Rigid, KC, and Baja, are affordable, bomb proof, and look great too. Vision X has their North American Headquarters in Washington State, and Headlight Revolution has been a proud master distributor for the brand for many years.

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I am dissatisfied with this product. It comes on randomly even when I have not used the remote. It seems the wiring must be of poor quality or perhaps this unit only is defective. A friend warned me about them coming on randomly while driving because according to the RCMP all underlights are illegal in Nova Scotia and I could be fined for having these lights on. It took over six hours for these lights to be installed and over $700.00 later, only to find they are defective. This whole experience has turned into an expensive nightmare. I will have to have these underlights removed which will cost extra. I will have spent over $1000.00 by the time these underlights are removed. I want a full refund.

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