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Xtreme Pro DRL LED Drivers

3 Reviews

Brand: XenonDepot




PART #: 2 x XD.LED070


Introducing the Xtreme Pro DRL Driver: Your ultimate solution for perfect daytime running lights (DRL) and high beam performance. Designed by experts at XenonDepot, this intelligent two-stage LED headlight bulb driver ensures flicker-free operation, giving you a true OEM-style dual-intensity illumination. Say goodbye to annoying LED flicker and glare during the day and dusk. With the Xtreme Pro DRL Driver, your lights operate at a steady 12% intensity for DRL, achieving optimal brightness without compromising safety. It's a seamless fit for the XenonDepot Xtreme Pro LED series, delivering flawless performance without the need for additional modules or components. Upgrade your lighting experience today and enjoy the road like never before!


  • Flicker-Free Operation: Enjoy seamless LED performance without flickering for enhanced visibility.
  • OEM-Style Dual-Intensity: Switch between DRL and high beam modes for optimal illumination.
  • Glare-Free Illumination: Maximize brightness at 12% intensity for DRL without glare.
  • Plug-and-Play Design: Matches XenonDepot Xtreme Pro LEDs, no extra modules.
  • Expert Engineering: Designed by XenonDepot for reliable lighting.


  • Drivers: 2x (One Pair) DRL Low/High Drivers


This XenonDepot product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the XenonDepot team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Input: 9006 Male

  • Output: 9006 Female


  • XTREME LED PRO BULBS: 9005 High Beams

  • Vehicle Compatibility: 14-20 Toyota 4Runner

Perfect for PWM: Many vehicles run the high beam headlamps at reduced power to provide the DRL function. This is usually done by what's called PWM: Pulse Width Modulation. Instead of a constant, steady feed of electric current, the bulbs are fed a stream of very brief pulses of power averaging 50% of the steady-feed voltage. It's done this way because the maximum safe, effective and legal brightness for a DRL is much lower than the minimum for a high beam headlamp. It looks terrible, but it meets legal requirements, it's cheap to install, and that's pretty much all the automakers care about.

The Problem with LED + PWM: LEDs bulbs are different than halogen bulbs. They're instant-on and instant-off, so PWM feed doesn't dim them--it just makes them flicker, which is not only noticeable and annoying, it's also illegal. Many companies claim you can fix the problem by using what they call a "canbus decoder" or capacitor-based "anti-flicker" module to solve the problem, but that's wrong. Some of those devices may eliminate flicker, but your daytime running lights will operate at full high beam intensity and produce lots of glare during the day and dusk--don't be that guy!

The Proper Solution: The all-new Xtreme Pro DRL Driver, designed and engineered in house and available exclusively from XenonDepot, is a smart two-stage LED headlight bulb driver that enables flicker-free true OEM-style dual-intensity DRL and high beam functionality for our line of Xtreme Pro LED bulbs. When the vehicle calls for daytime running lights, the Xtreme Pro DRL Driver powers the bulbs at 12% of full intensity--with zero flicker. You get lights that function correctly, the way they're supposed to, with perfect true-white light in both modes.

Installation: You're not going to need any additional modules, canbus components, jumper wires, or anything else. Already have an Xtreme Pro LED kit? The Xtreme Pro DRL Driver is a simple 1:1 drop-in replacement for the standard 9005 Xtreme Pro driver. Simply remove your current Xtreme Pro driver (and any anti-flicker devices you might have installed) and install the Xtreme Pro DRL Driver. Have a different type or brand of LED kit? Sorry, this driver won't work for you--it's engineered specifically for the XenonDepot Xtreme Pro LED series.

Will it work on my car? We've specifically designed this product around the 5th-generation Toyota 4Runner 9005 high beam / DRL application, but many other vehicles use a similar PWM power signature for DRL mode.

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews


Would have been nice if it worked on my Scion FRS

by -

SCION FR-S OWNERS, this does not work on our cars!

Before anything else, let me just clarify that I know that this is a high quality product & would have given it 5 stars if not for the problems I had encountered.

I have been looking for an LED headlight bulb that can function as both DRL/high beam for my Scion FRS. The Xtreme LED Pro 9005 + DRL LED Driver were recommended to me by HR. However, I had several issues with them:
1) They arrived 2 months later during the time of COVID-19. HR had to wait for the Xenon stocks to arrive & then they shipped them together with my other orders which also had restocking issues.
2) The instructions manual was a bit confusing especially to a layman. I had to watch the wiring procedure on YouTube to get it right.
3) Installing it requires extra effort in locking them in place (fatter grooves?) unlike the slimmer halogen bulb that locks in place without any force.
4) The worst thing is they didn't work as expected: they were flickering! They were stable at high beam but they were always at the brightest setting & were pulsating when on drl.

I contacted Xenon Depot about it & they said that since it's developed on the 4Runner, it may or may not be compatible to other vehicles. If someone had told me with certainty that it wouldn't work on mine or had recommend an alternative, I wouldn't have ordered it especially since my USD500 worth of orders had to be shipped to Canada wherein I had to pay import fees that amounted to almost a new set of LED bulbs. My 2-month excitement turned into distress instantly on that day. I'll most likely look at other options next time.


Great High Quality Modules

by -

These are High Quality Plug and Play Anti Flicker, Error Code Free modules that will make installing LEDS in your car a breeze. Don't buy an off brand off amazon or ebay if you are looking for quality parts. I have an Acura MDX that I replaced the DRL's with LEDs after going through 2 sets of incandescent's and I needed these modules to override the Error codes and they worked perfectly. I did have to contact their customer service dept for accidentally only shipping 1 module when they were supposed to come in pairs. Their customer service was awesome and it was so refreshing to actually talk to someone who works in the US! They immediately corrected the issue and sent out a full replacement set of modules via UPS 2nd day air and apologized for the error. I would rank their sales & support right up with amazon.com which is the gold standard of customer satisfaction.


They work great, but not in all cars.

by -

They work well in compatible cars, but are not universal. Did not work in a 2016 Subaru. This said, they appear well made.

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