Join the Revolution:

GMC and Chevrolet

Improving the look and optical output of your GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado has never been easier thanks to the great products we stock. For 2019+ Silverados the Ultra 2 LED bulb from GTR Lighting provides a crisp and clear upgrade from stock that has a virtually infinite lifespan. With over 3800 lumens of bright light, you’re sure to see further than ever before and add style to your truck. CSP Mini LEDs can also serve as a big step up for your high-beams without the risk of overheating or electrical interference. Don’t forget the A-Pillar LED Spotlight system from Baja Designs that integrates perfectly without cutting or trimming and allows you to mount Baja Squadron lighting safely and securely to your truck. For 2019+ GMC Sierra, VisionX offers the grille-mounted LED System that features CG2 Light Cannons and over 11,000 lumens of night splitting illumination. Complete the look with XTR LP LED Reverse light bar for ensuring added safety and vision when backing up in your Sierra. If you’re running the GMC Yukon (15-20) you haven’t been left out. The Morimoto XB LED headlight assembly is a complete one piece upgrade that installs easily and looks incredible while adding brighter optics and a virtually infinite lifespan.


The Hummer H2 is gaining popularity again and we can see why. It’s a big bruising bold SUV that’s unapologetic about its attitude. What we don’t love is the dim lighting that’s fading more every day as these trucks get older. We have the solution with super bright LED lighting upgrades. GTR Lighting offers multiple rear-facing LED upgrades like its 1000 lumen reverse bulbs or its GTR Armor tail lights. On the front of the vehicle, you can add the ultra-bright S-V4 LED headlight for your high and low beams. These impressive LED bulbs each offer an intense 3600-lumen punch of cool 6000K light into the night each time you turn them on. Thanks to their compact design and intelligent heat management system you won’t get the overheating issues and radio interference issues that other bulbs can’t avoid. Quite simply, very few LED bulbs have managed to impress us as the S-V.4 has. Finally, if you’re in the market to swap the headlight assembly altogether, VisionX has you covered. Their Vortex 7-inch LED headlights come equipped with bright optics and a built-in Halo DRL. Want to add some auxiliary lights that you don’t see listed here? Give us a call or hit us up in the chatbox and we’ll find the lighting that you need for your Humvee.

Ford Ranger

It’s taken Ford far too long to return the Ranger to our market but we’re excited to have it and to be offering some amazing LED lighting upgrades for the platform. No matter if you want to see better on-road or off-road we have you covered. GTR Lighting covers the high and low beam LED upgrades with its CSP MINI and Ultra 2 bulbs. Vision X tackles the Fog lights with its laser-cut fog light kit. If that’s not enough lighting for you they also offer a bumper mount kit for more LED pods and a perfectly tailored A-Pillar kit that provides more space for their CG2 Light cannons. Want to go with one of the most historic names in the light game? Baja Designs offers some of the best auxiliary lighting that we’ve seen for the Ranger. First, they have their own A-Pillar kit that comes with Squadron Pro or Sport lights and its excellent uService platform. You can even fill the grille of your Ranger with Baja Designs S8 or OnX6 LED Lightbars. These grille LED kits are tailored to the Ranger in a way that won’t require cutting or hacking up your bumper to get them installed. Finally, Baja designs cover your tail with the excellent S2 LED lighting system and keeps your gear in place with the LED integrated M-Rack system for all Ranger SuperCrew cabs. This form-fitting roof rack provides dramatically more versatility without being out of place. At just 25 pounds it adds virtually no weight but retains incredible strength thanks to high-quality aluminum construction. It also provides more lighting with integrated Area LED floodlights on each side of the rack and an optional light bar. Choose from the Pro6 LED light bar or go big with the 50” Curved C-Series Light Bar that has an output of over 27,000 lumens.

Ford Flex

The Ford Flex might be out of production but our love for this 3-row SUV with classic good looks is burning strong. GTR Lighting is a tried and true company that has always impressed us and they do it again with their offerings for the Flex. To fulfill your forward light needs they offer the Ultra 2 LED bulb. It uses NLW753 chips at the heart of its design to produce 3900 lumens from each bulb. The bearingless fan keeps the LED bulb cool and performing at its highest levels without being loud or noisy. If you’re looking for that extra punch from your fog lights the Ultra 2 LED Fog light is an amazing choice as it matches the output of the low beams and maintains the same compact and thermally efficient design of the low/high beam bulbs. These bulbs are especially good at getting the light from the light source itself to the road where you need it. That means no glare or haze, just a clean clear cutoff line and a brighter road ahead.