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Hummer is the civilian equivalent of military Humvees introduced by General Motors in the early 90s. This SUV-cum-truck offers the best ground clearance among all the similar sports utility vehicles. Moreover, its tremendously low center of gravity provides better stability on rugged and steeper terrains. Hummer is the perfect SUV option for all those people who are enamored by the sprawling and brawny frames of military vehicles. The rugged and muscular shape of Hummer is very peculiar, which is yet to be replicated by other auto manufacturers. The majority of these GM vehicles on the road are not new and thus are in quite a need for particular Hummer lighting upgrades. If you own a Hummer and want to keep it updated with all the necessary aftermarket accessories, then definitely consider replacing its stock lights with better and efficient bulbs and kits. Here, we are going to discuss headlight and reverse light upgrades for Hummer H1, H2, and H3.

LED Headlight Kit for Hummer

Hummers are not usually good with their fuel economy. And if you have already upgraded your Hummer with aftermarket electronic accessories, then it is inevitable that you have to spend more on gas refills. You can streamline the fuel economy of this rugged SUV by considering LED headlight upgrades. The LED headlight kit for Hummer that you will find on our website is an avant-garde replacement option by Morimoto that also comes in the budget. Morimoto is offering the modern Bi-LED headlight kit for Hummer to replace its factory-fitted halogens. Better Beam than Other LED Replacements. The majority of LED replacements for Hummer you get in the market either use reflectors or poorly designed projector setups. However, that’s not the case with the LED headlight kit available on our website. The Morimoto kit features the patented Bi-LED projector. The beam produced by this state-of-the-art projector is well-defined and wide— thanks to its curved cut-off shield and Kuria-Optic clear lens. This supreme projector is accompanied by an LED chipset that is spread throughout the 3-inch lens. In short, you will get the best low and high beams in front of your Hummer after the installation of this Morimoto LED kit. Aerodynamic Design for Better Heat Sink. A heat sink is an integral part of any LED lighting setup, ensuring better thermal management. The Morimoto Super7 also features one. However, this heat dissipation system performs better than the other sinks because it is reinforced by an aerodynamic design that draws in more air to quickly drive hot air out of the heat sink. Silicon Sealing. Silicon seals are given with this LED headlight kit so you can assemble it easily while making it completely waterproof. The lenses and housing are joined together with an easy-to-use compression silicon seal. Similarly, the wiring also features a silicon coat to offer its maximum protection from weather-related wear. A Room for Customization. The best thing about this LED headlight kit for Hummer is its inherent room for customization. For instance, you can use halo fittings within the assembly. Similarly, you can have the projectors etched for different designs, patterns, and symbols. Contact our customer support to get more information on these customization details.

Reverse Light Upgrades for Hummer

The stock reverse lights in Hummer H1, H2, and H3 are regular filament bulbs. These bulbs go kaput after some mileage. Replacing the stock reverse lights with similar filament bulbs becomes a sort of overhead expense that you need to take care of after a couple of months. So, going for the LED reverse light upgrades is a better option in the long run. You can find top-quality, reasonably-priced LED reverse light upgrades for Hummer on our website. For instance, T15 bulbs from the GTR Lighting’s Armor Series are custom-fit for your Hummer. Besides using as reverse light in Hummers, you can use them with any 912, 920, and 921 bulb style housing, and as fog and DRL replacements in some vehicles. The LEDs used in this reverse light are rated at 50,000 hours. This is exponentially more than any regular incandescent bulb replacement. Moreover, you won’t have to use any extra relay even if your vehicle has been upgraded with the CANBUS lighting monitoring system. This reverse light is compatible with CANBUS and similar monitoring systems— in short, a plug-n-play installation. The light has a color temperature of 6,000K, which means highly luminescent cool white hue ensuring better rear visibility. On Headlight Revolution, you can find different LED headlight and reverse light upgrades for different Hummer models by various manufacturers. Wire adapters are also available in the same category so that you can purchase all the required lighting upgrade components at once. The Hummer H1 Humvee is an awesome platform for aftermarket and offroad lighting! There are TONS of headlight options, it's such a big rig that you can fit a barrage of offroad lighting just about anywhere, and the interior bulbs are super easy to upgrade. If you don't see the lights you're looking for listed here, please contact us and we'll put together a custom quote for you. The Hummer H2 from 02 - 09 is a great platform for upgraded HID and LED headlights. There are TONS of options available! If you don't see what you're looking for here, please let us know. Adding offroad lighting and upgrading the OEM lights to LED is also very easy on this vehicle. The Hummer H3 comes from a long line of military inspired vehicles. We have a lot of options for upgrading the headlights, interior lights and tail lights to LED or HID bulbs for increased style and brightness! If you don't see what you're looking for listed here please contact us for help and a custom quote! Need a recommendation on parts for your Hummer’s retrofit project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!