F150 (04-08)

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S-V.4 LED Bulbs

On the other side of the same coin, we have the S-V.4 LED high/low beam bulb. It’s quite simply our favorite LED bulb on the market today and it’s perfect for the F-150. Turn on the S-V.4 and you’ll be shocked at just how crisp and bright this LED bulb really is. Built out of 6063 aluminum this bulb is tough in every way. The double-ball bearing fan is strong enough that it will keep working even underwater and thanks to that aluminum it won’t fall victim to corrosion. The circuitry is smart enough to understand that if the fan should fail for any reason, that it’ll need to reduce power to the LED to protect it until the fan is working again. The super low profile mounting depth allows you to fit it into the F-150 with ease and the fully clockable head means that you can perfectly aim the light source inside the housing. Solving the multi-LED light source problem in a different way than GTR Lighting, the S-V.4 uses one crystal over the diode to unify output and provide the best beam pattern and brightness combo that we’ve found in an LED light. For some, these bulbs are actually too bright, and for that crowd, they can be dimmed down to just 8v. These lights really do it all without compromise.

Fog Lights Tail Lights And More For F-150

Finishing off your F-150 is easy with the amazing options offered from Morimoto, Prism Profile, and GTR Lighting. We can’t tell you how many Ford pickup owners are blown away at the difference these smaller and under-appreciated lighting upgrades make. Take for example reverse lights. Since we test all our products we sometimes need to borrow vehicles and when we borrowed this generation F-150 the owner had one request, fix their reverse lighting. To accomplish that we installed the amazing GTR Lighting 1,000 lumen Ultra LED Reverse bulb. We love the other options like the Armor or Carbide Series since they provide a gorgeous design and brighter optics than stock but they can’t match the Ultra when it comes to sheer power. This bulb is so bright that when you back your truck up to the boat ramp you’ll be able to see meters into the water no matter how murky it is. The ability to see clearly as opposed to simply signal with your reverse lights completely changes the game when it comes to using your F-150 to the fullest extent. We all know that it sucks to back up into the night on your own when you can’t see and the Ultra LED Reverse bulb completely ends the struggle in those moments. 1,000 lumens is enough that people will think you’re rocking headlights back there. If you’re looking to boost your fog light game there’s no better option than Morimoto and its XB LEDs. These are 100% plug-n-play for the F-150 and when we say they bring your truck into the 2020s we mean it. These ultra-modern assemblies are designed to boost performance without compromising build materials. The UV-resistant polycarbonate lens will resist yellowing and hazing just like an OEM bulb and you can get it with Lamin-X protective film to add a yellow hue that will boost contrast in foggy conditions. Finally, Profile Prism has crafted some of the best RGB LED Halos we’ve ever seen. Thanks to a phosphorous coating on the inside of the halo itself these lights produce a totally uniform color without the hot spots and cold spots that so many other halos have. These are perfectly crafted for your Ford F-150 and won’t require you to pick the right size or diameter. Best yet, they mount easily without glue or having to wrap the entire halo in wire. Choose from the Profile Pixel Pilot or the Morimoto XBT controller and then use your mobile device to change colors on the go instantly. No matter what color you choose, each and every one of them are vibrant and bold without a gap in brightness.

Bringing The Eleventh Generation F-150 Into The 2020s

Upgrading the headlights in your F-150 is now easier than ever and allows you to fully modernize your driving experience at night. LED bulbs are far more advanced today than they were when this truck was brand new and thanks to that we have the ability to run lights that draw less voltage and last as long as your truck will without sacrificing output at all.

GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED

If you’re looking for a headlight that won’t ever take a day off we recommend the GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED. This bulb comes with a lifetime warranty and GTR Lighting stands behind it. Getting that kind of guarantee usually means that you have to compromise performance or spend an arm and a leg. That’s simply not the case here. The Ultra 2 LED is a major upgrade in terms of lighting output for the F-150. In our testing, it produced 3,350 lumens of functional output with a raw output of 3,900. Color is rated at a super clean bright 6000k white light. We really love the sharp cutoff line and the easy installation process too. To achieve all these facets of design GTR Lighting started with the first-ever automotive grade LED chips. These NLW753 chips are unlike anything that had been on the market before since they weren’t simply LED chips that were manufactured for various applications. They were designed with automotive lighting in mind so they just do the job better thanks to a more lumen-dense light source. Also, since they have a fully rotating adjustable collar you can ensure that they fit in the housing perfectly. Take a look at the bearingless mag-lev fan that’s fully encapsulated to ensure it’s not slowed down by debris. The circuitry inside the driver is fully potted as well so you can get into some pretty hairy situations without a single worry about your lighting from the GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED.