F150 (09-14)

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The Complete On-Road F-150 Package

The F-150 doesn’t skimp out on the details that complete the job and neither should you. Improving your tail lights and signal lights can be the difference between a successful trip and an unsuccessful one. Let us explain what we mean. The XB LED Fog light kit is tailored to fit the F-150 and install easily. It’s built to make sure that when you’re dealing with poor weather conditions that you can see where you’re going and avoid obstacles and dangers on the road. That means you get where you’re going without issue and keep you and those in your truck with you safe. Want a little more firepower? Baja Designs has created its Squadron LED Fog Light kit just for the F-150. Squadron LED Pods are brighter than most would ever need and BD has built them to cut through the night like a knife through butter. Choose from white or amber hues to get the contrast and brightness you need and never worry about bad weather again. If the back of your truck is where you need some more illumination don’t worry, AlphaRex has just arrived with its Pro LED Tail Lights. These complete assemblies perfectly finish off a build that has AlphaRex headlights and they come in red or chrome so you can get them in the color that fits your truck best. Don’t forget reverse bulbs either. After all, reversing into things you can’t see is a real concern for all of us. GTR Lighting has two offerings, the Carbide LED that will brighten up your reverse signal lights and look great doing it. Its second offering is the 1,000-lumen Ultra Reverse LED bulb. Just the name should tell you all you need to know but we’ll tell you a little more. It takes an off-road only type of light to be any brighter than this. When you install the Ultra LED Reverse light your reverse lights go from a signal to others to a sight improving measure for yourself.

Off-Road Power That’s Too Strong For Public Roads

Perhaps our favorite thing about the F-150 aftermarket is how large it is. We carry some of the coolest products you’ll ever see for this truck in the form of stealthy off-road lights, LED halos, HID retrofit kits, and complete headlight retrofit builds with everything you need to have a truly 1 of 1 headlight package. Vision X builds an integrated and high-quality bumper-mounted LED Light Bar kit for both the standard F-150 and the Raptor. As a company that’s headquartered in the USA, we really love the time they put into building a mount that offers some of the brightest LEDs we’ve ever seen on a lightbar and the way that it keeps your light secure without rattling or damaging the bumper itself. Baja Designs also has a bumper-mounted LED option that leverages the super-powered OnX6+ light bar. What we really love is how well it pairs with Baja Designs A-Pillar LED light pods. Use the Squadron LED pod or go with the stealthy but strong S2 LED and get the lighting you need. Both can be had with the lens of your choice to do the job you need them to do. Finally, KC Hi-Lites offers their exclusive M-Rack for the F-150 and we must say, there’s a reason we don’t carry any other roof-rack. This thing is simply the perfect product that’s been painstakingly designed to provide everything you could need. The rack itself adds almost no height to your vehicle while offering a ton of usable space and mounting points for storing gear. The front of the M-Rack can be outfitted with the PRO6 Gravity light bar for the perfect combination of utility and functionality. The sides of the M-Rack even come with floodlights integrated into the structure so that you can get a crystal clear picture of what’s beside you on the trail.

Tough Lighting For A Tough Truck

If we had to pick just a couple of our favorite LED bulbs to install into the headlights of the Ford F-150 it would be the two that are available. First, the GTR Lighting Ultra 2.0 LED is so strong and so bright that it fits the personality of the F-150. Much like the F-150 sets the standard for doing truck things better than anything else, the Ultra 2.0 was the first LED bulb to use Automotive-grade LED chips and it shows in how it does the job day in and day out without issue. The integrated fan and the exceptional ability to stay cool under pressure make it a clear winner here. Much in the same way that the F-150 has been the favorite truck of America for decades, the S-V.4 has been our favorite since it arrived. This small but mighty offering allows you to see further than any other headlight we’ve tested and requires you to make zero sacrifices in terms of fit, finish, beam pattern, reliability, or design. The Cree LED chips at the heart of the bulb have no gap between diodes so you get a clean single source of light that is Canbus compliant and leverages 6063 aluminum in concert with a full-submersible double ball-bearing fan to keep things cool and under control. They really did think of everything.

Full LED Headlight Assemblies For F-150

We also offer multiple options if you want to fully equip your truck with ultra-modern headlight assemblies. AlphaRex and Morimoto have both built incredible products that we recommend. Let’s dig into the benefits of each. First, AlphaRex hasn’t been around for too long but in that time they’ve made a seriously good impression with us. For the 09-14 F-150 they offer three different headlight assemblies, all of which will not only make your truck look more modern and aggressive, they’ll provide better lighting in both daylight and night. The Pro Series is incredibly budget-friendly, 100% plug-n-play, and blends the styling of your truck with more recent F-150s. Its dual-projector halogen lights use a better reflector design than stock to provide more light where you need it and not where you don’t. The Luxx Series takes everything we love about the Pro Series and adds super bright LED optics to the package. Available in matte black, chrome, or jet black, they have a sequential LED DRL and will look great on your truck even when they’re off. Finally, the LUXX Series from AlphaRex leverages all of the newest technology to make it look like your truck is from the 2030s in terms of design and performance. The quad-projector LED optics are a great place to start and they certainly stand out as one of the most aggressive looks we’ve ever seen from an F-150 headlight. We love the 3-stripe DRL too. Morimoto isn’t going to be left out in the cold though and so they’ve come to the party with the XB Hybrid LED and the XB LED headlight assemblies for the F-150. The Hybrid utilizes both LED and halogen bulbs to bring the overall price down from the full XB LEDs without losing most of the same features and technology. The super bright LED DRL is exactly the same in both models and frankly, both have the best finish we’ve ever seen for an aftermarket LED headlight assembly. The XB LED itself is more modern and advanced than ever before with 3 projectors and a design that closely follows that of the 15-17 F-150. Its OEM grade lens is UV-resistant to ensure you won’t get fading or yellowing and comes with a full 5-year warranty.