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Eagle Eye’d Headlight Assembly Upgrades For Ford Raptor

Raptors are all about being the most extreme vehicles that they can be and your headlights should only emphasize that attitude. AlphaRex combines Jurassic forces so to speak with Ford when it comes to their Raptor headlight assemblies. They offer two levels of headlight intensity. The first level is the Pro Series and these lights are incredibly sharp for being considered the entry-level. They use a combination of LED and halogen bulbs to keep costs low and the experience high. If you want to opt for brighter LED optics you can do that with Morimoto 2Stroke LED bulbs. The top-level of assembly is the NOVA Series and it pulls no punches when it comes to quality build materials and optics. Powered with 4 proprietary Ice-Cube projectors, these headlights feature the same excellent LED DRLs of the Pro series and they even feature a light-show that takes place every time you lock or unlock your Raptor. If you’ve done your research though surely you’ll know the name Morimoto well. These folks from California have designed some of the most stunning LED headlights we’ve ever seen crafted for the Ford Raptor. Recently they’ve expanded their XB LED lineup to include the XB Hybrid LED and completed the package with XB LED Taillights and Fog lights. The XB LED headlight itself is 100% LED powered with ultra-bright optics and produces some 200% more light than standard headlights. Don’t forget the sequential LED DRL that is all the rage right now. There’s no ignoring the aggressive design elements and the bold styling or the perfectly molded mounting points that require no cutting or drilling to install into your Raptor.

Bulb Upgrades For Every Socket Of Your Ford Pickup

Boosting your output can be as simple as swapping bulbs if you’re happy to keep the stock assemblies. With options for HID and LED patrons alike, we’re sure to carry the bulbs for you no matter if you just need the high beam, the low beam, the fog light, or even signal lights and brake lights. Up front choose from the S-V.4, our favorite headlight/fog light LED bulb with the most advanced optics and the brightest output we’ve ever seen. You could also pick from one of three GTR Lighting offerings, the CSP Mini, the Ultra 2 LED, and the Ultra HID for the HID crowd. The CSP Mini might sound weak but it’s only small in size. With a fully encapsulated driver and LED circuitry so no amount of dirt, debris, or even dust can stop it from providing stunning optics. That reliability is perhaps the facet of the CSP Mini that we love the most. Still, if brightness is what you care about take a look at the Ultra LED 2. This bigger badder brother of the CSP is all about maximum output and uses a double ball bearing fan to keep things cool. GTR is so confident in them that they carry a lifetime warranty. Around your Raptor, it’s easy to boost signal light performance too with LED that will fully illuminate the housing and eliminate the cold spots and the old-school dim amber performance of halogen bulbs. GTR Lighting has a bulb to fit every socket on the Raptor both in their Carbide and Armor Series. The Carbide bulbs feature an aggressive housing design with LED chips across multiple faces to ensure you get the brightest performance possible. Armor Series bulbs are designed to double your output without costing you anything in longevity. In fact, they typically far exceed the lifespan of stock bulbs. Want to get really extreme though? Check out the GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse Bulbs. Not only can you fit these to your reverse light sockets but also to the cargo bed lighting position. With a 1,000-lumen rating, these bulbs don’t just signal to other drivers that you’re backing up, they shine bright enough that you can easily see where you’re positioning the back of your Raptor. Who doesn’t want a cargo bed light that’s ultra-bright either? These bulbs are a win-win.

Outfit Your Raptor To See In The Darkest Of Jungles, Trails, Or Anywhere Really

No matter how extreme your Raptor might be it’s not going anywhere fast in the dark or even in dim lighting. You want supreme confidence if you’re going to put your truck into some hairy situations and the incredible off-road lighting that is available for your pickup stands out among the field. Diode Dynamics, KC Hi-Lites, Baja Designs, and Vision X have all come up with innovative and reliable solutions to help you and your Raptor go further than ever before. As an American company, the folks at Diode Dynamics clearly take a great deal of pride in their work. They’ve built a killer kit for your fog light pockets that securely mounts 1 or 2 6” Stage Series LED light bars. Available with fog, flood, or driving patterns, these uber-bright LEDs really change the look of the Raptor for the better. KC Hi-Lites just never seems to stop pushing the limits of what’s possible and that’s one reason we’re so impressed with the M-Rack they’ve built for the Ford Raptor. With an ultra-slim profile, it’s easy to think that it’s just another roof rack until you get a look at how modular and well-integrated this hardware really is. Fixing the rack so close to the top of the truck virtually eliminates the wind noise that cheapo racks create. Since it’s KC at the drawing board of course they’ve crafted spots to fully integrate floodlight LED bars on each side of the rack and a space for the Pro6 Gravity LED Lightbar at the front of the rack. Of course you could option any of these lights on their own without the rack but just look at the total package. It’s a beast. Vision X brings more options to the Fog light and bumper of your Raptor. The CG2 Light cannons that are used in parallel with their fog light pocket kit are so powerful that they’re street legal and the bumper mounted LED bar is even brighter. If maximum brightness and seamless integration is important to you, take a look at these great options from Vision X. Finally, for those who want a Raptor full of one company's wild and crazy off-road lighting we have to give it up to Baja Designs. Clearly they’re Raptor fans just like we are and to that end they’ve created extra illumination for every direction on this truck. They’ve created 3 different LED fog light options all featuring the Squadron LED pod and also provide just the bracket itself if you want to build something a bit more unique. Their grille mounted OnX6 LED light bar and S2 LED Reverse lights complete any Raptor in a way that no other company can.