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Premium AMP to D2S Ballast Adapters

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Brand: TRS




PART #: 2 x H365


If you're considering a transition to D2S bulbs but want to utilize your current ballasts, these adapters present the perfect solution. They promise compatibility with a whopping 99% of aftermarket HID kit ballasts with "AMP" outputs. However, always ensure to confirm compatibility by examining the product images. These adapters stand out with their OEM-grade precision components, particularly when compared to the commonplace redhead style AMP>D2S adapters. While the basic adapters are budget-friendly and efficient, those with premium OEM Bulbs might want to invest a bit more in these upgraded AMP Adapters to protect the base and contacts of their bulbs. Instances of damage with the redhead style are not unheard of. Safety is paramount, and these adapters are meticulously insulated to ward off the high voltage emanating from HID ballasts. Their mesh insulation ensures the wires remain unscathed and keeps the voltage securely contained.


  • Cost-Effective: Save money by using D2S bulbs with your existing HID ballasts. Compatible with almost all "AMP" output HID ballasts.
  • OEM-Grade Precision: Offers superior components compared to standard adapters, ensuring better connectivity and longevity for your D2S bulbs.
  • Choose Wisely: For those with high-end OEM Bulbs, it's worth investing in these adapters to safeguard the bulb's base and contacts.
  • Durable: Fully insulated for safety, these adapters are designed to withstand high-voltage scenarios without any risk.
  • Quality Assured: Each adapter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.


  • ADAPTERS: 2x (One Pair) Premium 90-Degree AMP to D2S Ballast Adapters


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Input: 1x AMP Male,1x AMP Female

  • Output: D2S/D2R (P32-D)

  • Dimensions: 250mm / 10in L


  • HID Ballasts: 35-55w w/ AMP Outputs

  • HID Bulbs: D2S or D2R Sizes

Reuse Your Ballasts: These will save you some money and allow the use of D2S bulbs with your aftermarket HID ballasts. Works with 99% of aftermarket HID kit ballasts that have "AMP" outputs. Please confirm compatibility by checking the product pictures if unsure.

OEM Grade: Relative to the more common redhead style AMP>D2S adapters, the premium version available here offers more precision components. Better connectivity to the base of your D2S bulbs, and improved abrasion resistant insulation for the high voltage wires.

Why though? Yes, the other basic adapters will get the job done, and if you are on a budget, are not a bad choice. If you are using expensive OEM Bulbs though, we recommend spending the few extra bucks to get the upgraded AMP Adapters to avoid toasting the base/contacts on your bulbs, which DOES happen from time to time with the redhead style.

Well-made: These are properly insulated from top to bottom to shield the high-voltage that HID ballasts produced. Mesh insulation prevents wires from getting nicked, and voltage from leaking out. Don't want any of that business around here!

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