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HID Fog Lights

Your fog lights are the prime location for installation of HID bulbs. HID fog lights are inexpensive, much brighter and very easy to upgrade from factory built lights. We offer high quality HID fog lights from some of the best OEM companies to replace or upgrade your vehicle’s fogs. Some vehicle manufacturers have started to install HID bulbs for the headlights due to high customer demands. However, most old and new vehicles still come with halogen bulbs for the fog lights. Fogs lights receive nothing more than an afterthought and manufacturers appear to be unwilling to invest in lighting improvements in this area. Thankfully, there are retro upgrade options available in the market. Many vehicle owners are opting to upgrade their vehicle’s fog lights to HID bulbs because they are brighter, project light out farther, cheaper to buy and easier to install.

Comparing HID Fog Lights to Halogen Fog Lights

Comparing HID fog lights to halogen fog lights is like comparing the sun to the moon. HID fog lights are much more powerful and create a very bright light that can illuminate your way. You also have the option to go with pure white fog lights which are much better for visibility. A more equal comparison would be between HID fogs and LED fogs. Both offer comparable brightness and have a lower drain on battery. Some prefer LED bulbs because they don’t heat up like HID bulbs in the fog lights. They also tend to last longer and great for urban driving. However, if you want a really powerful output for driving off-road or on a dark deserted highway at night, HID fog lights are your best option. They can illuminate the road like no other fog lights can and don’t cost a fortune to install either. They are perfect for people on a budget!

Benefits of Getting HID Fog Lights

HID fog lights use xenon gas to produce a much brighter spark of light. Theses bulbs contain a metal halide and electrical arc that is set up between 2 electrodes. As electricity flows between the two electrodes, it ignites the gas which creates a very bright, bluish white light. If you change the power supplied to the bulb you can also create different colors for the light that range from purple to pure white, yellow and orange. HID fog lights are very popular for a variety of reasons. HID fog lights are much more efficient in utilizing energy. The luminosity produced by a 35w HID bulb is more than 3 times brighter than the light generated by a 50w halogen bulb. If you upgrade your factory built halogen fog lights to HID bulbs, your fuel consumption will go down while the fog lights brightness will go up. That’s impressive. HID fog lights are the best when it comes to brightness. HID fog bulbs can generate much greater illumination than both halogen and LED bulbs. They are so bright that some places have banned the use of HID bulbs in headlights. However, you can use HID bulbs for your fog lights because they don’t cause as much glare for you or other drivers while cutting through fog and rain more effectively. When compared to halogen or even LED bulbs, you will find that HID bulbs produce much better distribution of light on the road increasing driving safety. HID bulbs have reasonably good longevity. They last 5 times longer than regular halogen bulbs and do not go dim for a long time. They are also sturdier and can withstand a lot of vibrations. This is why HID fogs are preferred for off road driving at night. HID fog lights are way cheaper than LED fog lights. An LED bulb that produces the same level of lumens as an HID bulb generally costs 3 to 4 times more. Although an LED light may last much longer, it will lose some of its luminosity over time and get dimmer. You will probably be able to replace and buy 3 new HID fog lights during the same time and always maintain very high brightness for your fog lights. Although HID technology is very efficient a major contention that most people have with these bulbs is that they cause glare and hurt visibility. When you use HID bulbs for fog lights, you won’t have that problem because they are closer to the ground and unlikely to cause glare for you or other drivers.

Upgrade to HID Fog Lights with Headlights Revolution

We offer powerful, branded HID fog lights for a large variety of vehicles. You can use our universal fog lights for a retrofit upgrade on your old truck or buy vehicle specific HID fog lights from our vast store collection. Out bestselling vehicle specific HID fog lights are offered for Ford F Series, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, Hummer H Series, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Ford Raptor, Ford Super Duty, Toyota Tacoma, Polaris RZR and Nissan Frontier. If you cannot find the specific HID fog lights that you need, please get in touch with our support team and they will find the right product for you. Our HID fog lights are brought to you by top HID OEM manufacturers in the market. Our suppliers include GTR Lighting, Morimoto, Vision X, JW Speaker, Xenon Depot and Rigid Industries, all popular for their cutting edge HID lighting solutions.

Better Lighting HID – High Beams

HID bulbs in high beams will be useful for drivers who often have to drive off the road at night. When you are driving off the road, you do not get the benefit of lights coming from the street, buildings or other vehicles. HID bulbs in high beams will cut through the dark and illuminate the way, giving you a much safer drive. Your vehicle’s headlights have two types of projection systems; low beams and high beams. Low beams are angled to project light onto the road while high beams project light straight ahead to provide visibility for a greater distance. Drivers that get a retrofit upgrade for more powerful xenon bulbs usually get HID lights for the low beams while keeping the halogen bulbs in high beams. However, you can upgrade your high beams with HID xenon bulbs as well. They are suitable for driving through the countryside or on hilly terrain where you don’t have street lighting for illumination.

Xenon and Bi-Xenon Headlights

For HID headlights, you can go either with a Xenon or a bi-xenon headlight for getting good output from your high beams. Both types of bulbs are based on the xenon technology. The only difference is in the number of bulbs that are used for each headlight. A regular xenon headlight comes with two bulbs on each headlight. The first bulb is angled to project on the road and turns on with low beam setting. The second bulb is used when you flip to high beams, and it is angled to project light straight ahead. In bi-xenon headlights, a single bulb is used to achieve the effects for both high and low beams. Flipping the switch simple changes the projector’s angle or cuts off output to direct the light on to the road or straight ahead. For most aftermarket upgrades these days, people choose to go with retrofit bi xenon projector headlight for their car. This is because it combines the merit of having different HID bulbs for low and high beams. It also produces a very high brightness with lower scatter of light. You can replace one of the bulbs with halogens if you prefer. In comparison, bi xenon headlights offer more uniform illumination, stronger penetration and a wider light beam pattern. The downside is that you have to rely on the same bulb for both types of projection and cannot replace it with halogen, without affecting output quality.

Benefits of Getting Xenon Lights for High Beams

Save Space and Cost. Xenon headlights are more efficient than halogen lights. A 35w HID headlight can give you the same level of brightness as a 55 w halogen bulb. Xenon lights are also quite compact and you can fit them in the same space as a halogen bulb. Bi-xenon headlights take things one step further. Since they only require a single bulb for low and high beam, you can fit them in a sleek-compact space which allows much better design variety. Standard and Road Legal. Generally, HID bulbs are prohibited in high beam lights. This is because HID bulbs are very bright and they can cause glare for the driver or other oncoming vehicles at the front. However, headlights revolution store only offers high beam and bi xenon projector headlights that meet ECE and DOT standards. The light reflected from our high beam projectors is thrown out uniformly and has a clear cut-off line that prevents glare for drivers. Our design technology helps meet the Road Safety Rules. To ensure that our high beam HID headlights meet your local or state regulations, make sure to talk to our customer support so that you only buy legally compliant headlights. Focus Light Beam. Headlights generally use two types of technologies for throwing light on the road head; reflector pattern or projector beams. Reflector type headlights simply reflect the light from your bulb in an angled arc that scatters on the road to provide a wide circle of light. Projector headlights have a specialized etched lens that focuses light particles and throws them out in a narrower, focused beam. The result is a narrower light beam which is brighter but has a clear cut off point. Both types of headlights are benefitted from HID bulbs. However, if you are planning to use projectors for your headlights, Xenon bulbs are the recommended types of bulbs to achieve the best result for a focused beam. Low Defective Rate. Xenon bulbs are built with a more advanced technology that has proven to be more durable than halogen bulbs in high beams. Although the temperature for xenon bulbs can go quite high, the high beam bulbs do not burn out at the same rate as halogen bulbs. Tests show that HID bulbs can easily last for 10,000 to 15,000 hours. This is significantly higher than regular halogen bulbs that only have a life of 5,000 to 8,000 hours. Generally, your projector would not be damaged in most situations, except in a traffic accident. If the high beam bulbs on your headlights do begin to dim out or break for any reason, just replace the ballast or hid bulb and they will be as good as new. Need a recommendation on parts for your truck’s retrofit project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!