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HID Ballasts

HID ballasts are crucial for an HID lighting system. They have been used in lighting for decades. More recently they found use in HID lamps for vehicles as HID headlights gained popularity. We offer a variety of reliable HID ballasts for all types of vehicles. The main function of the ballast is to help your headlamp start up quickly. When you turn your HID headlights on, it is the ballast that provides a surge of higher voltage to the lamp. This power helps create an arc between the two electrodes located inside the lamp, which cause the HID bulbs to light up. The HID ballast also regulates the power output to the bulb and ensures the lamp keeps running. Soon after the electrode arc is established and the bulb is lit, the ballast reduces the voltage flow to the headlamp and regulates the electric current. This ensures that the light produced by the headlamp is even and steady, without causing any flickering or fading.

Getting Replacement HID Ballasts For Your Lights

If your vehicle comes with factory fitted Xenon HID bulbs then you will have a ballast connected to the HID bulb itself or have it installed somewhere in the car. There's no reason to get concerned about the ballast in this case, unless the bulb starts flickering or the lighting output becomes dim. If your HID ballast starts showing signs of trouble, you can have an auto-electrician check up your car and recommend whether to get replacement HID ballasts for your headlights.

Upgrading to HID Ballasts

If your vehicle comes with halogen headlamps, you may want to get them updated to HID lights. The output from HID bulbs is heads and shoulders above the performance you will ever get from halogen lamps. They’re brighter, more stable and offer a much whiter glow. If you want to upgrade your halogen headlights with new HID headlamps then you will need to use an HID conversion kit. You will also need a pair of HID ballasts, one for each headlight. The HID ballasts are the component of an HID headlight setup, and you should never ignore them when going for a conversion from Halogen to HID. Every HID conversion kit comes with two ballasts. When purchasing an HID kit, make sure that you are getting two reliable Xenon ballasts that are made specifically for use in automotive HID lighting systems. If you don’t install the ballasts with the bulbs, your new, expensive headlights can get damaged due to unregulated power flow. If your built-in HID ballasts get worn out, you can get after market HID ballasts as well. The Headlights Revolution store offers a variety of HID ballasts for many variants of vehicles. All of our high-quality ballasts will ensure that your HID headlights work properly and efficiently.

Why Get HID Ballasts for Your Vehicle?

The experts at Headlights Revolution highly recommend getting HID ballasts for your headlamps. While you may be able to get your HID lamps to work without ballasts, the unregulated power flow will damage the bulbs and the lights may get burned out sooner than the expected life. HID ballasts will make your headlamps last much longer. HID ballasts aren’t that expensive. A single ballast costs around $20 - $100 depending on the brand. Is the price really that high to risk getting your headlights burned out?

HID Ballast Efficiency and Generation

The difference between each generation of HID ballast is in the way these ballasts are manufactured. A third-generation ballast does not have the same level of shielding, laser-welded housing and AFS integrated functions as a 5th gen ballast. This means an older generation ballast will get the basic job done. However, it won’t be able to make use of your vehicle’s advanced functionality the same way 5th gen ballast can. Ballast efficiency determines how well the HID ballast converts input power into output. No ballast is 100% efficient. The best you can get are ballasts with 90% efficiency that turn 90% of input into power output for the bulbs. Moderate quality ballasts turn 70% - 80% of power into output. The really cheap ballasts, like the ones you find on Amazon for $30 are around 60% efficient. A 60% efficient ballast that takes in 35w will give an output of 21w to the lamp.

HID Ballasts Offered by Headlights Revolution

The Headlights Revolution store offers some of the best HID ballasts that provide output power in the range of 35w to 55w. We offer 3rd, 4th and 5th generation ballasts from all major OEM brands including Morimot, GTR Lighting, Vision X, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Denso and Hella. The 5th Gen GTR lighting slim HID ballast remains our most popular seller. This unit comes in two varieties of 35w and 55w. Another popular product is the 35XTS Osram OE replacement ballast that suits the budget conscience buyers. On the high end, you can also get the more efficient and waterproof 35w HID ballasts from Matsushita Gen V. These are an updated version of the highly popular Gen 4 HID ballasts from the same brand. HID bulb adapters are normally used on H1, H3 and H7 bulbs when installed in certain Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat, BMW and Mercedes vehicles. Sometimes these bulbs are held in place by a separate bracket and it's not compatible with aftermarket HID bulbs. These HID-Specific bulb adapters are what's required to do that sort of install. Watch our video for more info! When installing an HID or LED headlight/fog light upgrade into many vehicles you may run into issues with the CAN-BUS system fighting back! We have a large selection of different integration modules for universal applications, and vehicle specific applications. If you need help finding the right integration solution for your project please contact us! Hyperblink Fix. Why do you need this module? When your factory turn signal bulbs go out, your vehicle's flasher senses that less power is being used, and it will blink the turn signals quickly to alert you. Since LED bulbs use less power, you get the same fast blinking, known as "hyperblinking," even though the LEDs are functioning just fine. Basically, your car thinks the bulbs went out! To slow down the blinking to regular speed, you can add resistors to increase the circuit's power consumption again. However, whenever possible, replacing the flasher with a module like this is the easiest option. Simply unplug your original flasher from under the dash, and swap it with this one to prevent hyperblinking. If you're installing a light bar, you need a relay harness. If you're installing a dual beam HID conversion kit, you need a relay harness! The relay harness is what sends power to your lighting circuit directly from the battery without putting strain on the switch.

Purpose of HID Installation Accessories

The HID relay harness is commonly used in aftermarket HID retrofit upgrades. The main function of your vehicle’s headlight wire relay harness system is to provide power directly from the vehicle’s battery to the lighting system. This HID accessory allows the bulbs (or HID ballast in most cases) to operate correctly and independently of the vehicle’s original wiring system. The relay harness with resistor provides a power source that is more uniform and consistent. Generally, a relay wiring harness uses a 30amp fuse that directly connects the ballast to your car battery’s positive terminal. The relay is used to pull signal from a source (Headlight connector) that triggers power to be drawn from the battery. It is recommended to use both HID relay harness and HID canceller for each Xenon HID light that you install. Failure to install the necessary accessories with your kit can cause the xenon lights to operate incorrectly because the power flow will not get regulated accurately.

HID Wiring

HID wiring is designed to create a smooth electric network for HID components. It is necessary to get high quality performance out of your new HID lighting system. We offer complete HID wires, connectors and relays for your upgraded HID system. When you upgrade your car’s lighting to HID projectors and ballasts, you will need to connect all the components together. Whether you have installed new headlights, side lights or DRLs, HID wiring is a must for improved performance. HID wiring is particularly important if you have upgraded factory built halogen bulbs to HID projectors in your car. The wiring of your factory standard vehicle is not designed to handle HID bulbs and it could burn out if you continue to use it with your new bulbs. Good quality Xenon wiring allows the necessary power to be transmitted to the HID lighting components for quick response and optimum output. You may also need to get HID wiring in case you add new parts, like HID ballasts, which don’t have any prebuilt wiring on the vehicle.

What Are Load Resistors

Load resistors are another main component required for upgrading from halogens to HID bulbs. Your vehicles electrical system controls the power flow from the battery to the headlights. When you install HID bulbs, it increases the power draw. This can confuse the control mechanism which assumes there is something wrong with the bulbs. The load resistors are used to load the vehicle’s electrical system and make it think that you still have halogen bulbs installed. For most relay harnesses that come with HID conversion kits, the load resistors are already built into the harness. There is a 30 Amp fuse that is located on the power wire to protect the lighting system. It will cut off the power flow to the lights in case of short circuiting.

Connecting the Relay Wires with HID Ballast and Bulbs

Your vehicle’s built-in wire with the 9006-type connector should be connected to the ballast feed socket which goes with the HID set on the battery side. The relay uses it to get the signal for turning the lights on and off. The wiring harness for HID conversion also includes two wires with the relay ballasts feeds. These wires should be connected to the ballasts that come with the HID kit. They are used to supply the lighting system with power from the battery. Last, the wiring harness also has two separate grounds. They should be screwed to the vehicle’s chassis. This completes the circuit connection and allows electricity to return to the battery’s negative terminal. If you are unsure, we suggest getting professional help for installing the HID wiring on your vehicle.

Upgrade your HID Wiring

Headlights Revolution offers complete HID conversion kits that come with relay harness, load resistors and wiring you will need for a retrofit job. If you are looking to buy the ballasts and bulbs separately, you can buy the right relay harness for your needs separately as well. We offer HID wiring from top brands including GTR Lighting and Diode Dynamics. You can find single and pairs of 50 watt gold style resistors, 9005 / 9006 / 9012 / H10 / 9145 style connectors, H11 style connectors and 9004 / 9007 style 50 watt harness with resistors. We also offer H13 style relay harnesses, D2 style HID bulb adapters and relay harnesses for H8 / H9 / 880 style resistors. If you are looking to do a custom job and cannot find the correct HID relay harness on our products page, please get in touch with our customer service. We work directly with OEM manufacturers and will find the type of relay harness that you need. Need a recommendation on HID Wires and Relays for your retrofit project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today! At just over two decades old, HID lighting technology is well matured and still outperforms LED! Shop our selection of universal and vehicle-specific GTR Lighting and Morimoto Elite HID systems--those we've determined are the best on the market! Up to 4,000+ lumens per bulb, your choice of 35w or 55w, and your choice of bulb coolors round out the kit options. Warranty: 3-5 Years (Morimoto), Lifetime (GTR Lighting), not transferable. HID wiring can include Bi-Xenon harnesses, plug-and-play relay harnesses, and a variety of PWM/CANBUS based harnesses to combat annoying flickering / bulb out errors for domestic and European vehicles.

HID Install Accessories

HID accessories are important components that are used for upgrading your vehicle’s lighting to Xenon HID lights. We offer complete HID accessories including HID relay harnesses, HID cancellers, HID extension wires, bulb adapter harnesses and HID capacitors for the installation and improved performance of your HID Xenon kits. Despite the rising popularity of LED lights, many vehicle owners still prefer HID lights for their ride. This is because HID still offers the brightest and most powerful lighting technology for automotive lighting. HID lights are particularly preferred for headlamps because they offer the most powerful projection. HID light colors range from sunlight yellow to pure white and bluish white tint. This makes HID lights the ideal exterior car lights for driving at night. Xenon HID lights are 6 times brighter and last 3 times longer than standard halogen lights. They are also brighter than LEDs and project light out farther with lens based front headlamps.

Upgrading With HID Install Accessories

The best option for upgrading your vehicle to HID lights is to use the appropriate HID installation kits. These kits are designed to make the upgrade job easier and include everything from lights, bulbs and wiring to necessary tools and mounts. If you are looking to customize your HID lighting upgrade or want to replace faulty wiring from a previous HID upgrade, you can buy HID installation accessories separately. If you are good with retrofit jobs and know exactly what you need, you may be able to save costs. An HID kit may include items that you don’t need or already have and you might be better off buying HID wires, relay harnesses and HID ballasts individually. The different accessories you can buy for a custom upgrade to HID bulbs include: Pair - HID Projectors. Pair - Shrouds. Pair - HID Bulbs. Pair – HID Ballasts. 1 Set - Wiring Harness. 1 Set - Koito Sealant. 1 Set - Misc. Retrofit Materials. Depending on your vehicle, you may also need to buy resistor harnesses, mounts, capacitors and extension wires. If you are not sure about the accessories you need for the retrofit upgrade, get in touch with our support team who will be able to guide you better.

Buy HID Installation Accessories at Headlights Revolution

Headlight Revolution store offers a wide range of HID installation accessories for customer retrofit upgrades and wire replacement. Our relay wire harness products were selected from the top OEM suppliers. The most popular HID accessories include GTR HID lighting 50watt gold style resistors and PWM interface module connectors in 9005/9006 style and H11 style. Other popular HID installation accessories include PWM anti flicker modules from Diode Dynamics. This relay harness can be used on different modules including Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ford. We also offer T-harness resistors for H8 / H9 / H11 / H13 and 880 style HID bulbs. All our products are supplied with complete installation guides and if you need advice, please get in touch with our support team. We guarantee that OUR HID projector retrofit accessories offer the best lighting upgrade you can do on your vehicle. With you buy our HID installation accessory you will get a razor sharp cut off, evenly spread light, improved light efficiency, sharp beam output, wider beam coverage, and most important of all, your projectors will not cause glare to incoming drivers! When buying new or replacement HID installation accessories for your ride, the first step is to find out what accessories would fit well on your vehicle. If you are concerned about compatibility issues, get in touch with our customer reps for advice or check your vehicle manual for further details.