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1156: GTR i-LED Ultra Turn Signal Bulbs

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Brand: GTR Lighting




PART #: 1 x LED957

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Introducing the groundbreaking GTR Ultra i-LED Bulbs – the game-changers in high-performance lighting. Tired of compromise? Say goodbye to subpar bulbs and hello to superior engineering. These bulbs aren't just about numbers – they're about unmatched intensity and power. The i-LED's cutting-edge optical system ensures maximum output, projecting a brilliant burst of light up close and far away. No need for added resistors – these bulbs are designed to match the power of traditional bulbs, while the optional plug-n-play modules guarantee a hyperflash-free fit. Choose from pure White, Red, PC Amber, or White/Amber Switchback options to effortlessly elevate your turn, brake, tail, and daytime running lights. The intelligent i-Driver optimizes intensity for both instant impact and long-term reliability. Don't settle for less – let your vehicle shine with the GTR Ultra i-LED Bulbs, where style meets unmatched performance.


  • Unmatched Intensity: GTR Ultra i-LED Bulbs redefine brightness, outshining competitors.
  • Advanced Optical System: Optics project illumination up close and at a distance.
  • Resistor-Free Design: Uncompromised power without resistors.
  • Versatile Applications: In Pure White, Red, PC Amber, and White/Amber Switchback.
  • Universal Fit: Installs easily in various housings.


  • LED Bulbs: 2x (One Pair) GTR Ultra Indicator-LED Bulbs

  • Wiring: 2x 1156 Plug and Play Inputs

  • Hardware: 4x Gaskets, 1x Torx Tool

  • Optional Hyperflash Adapters: 2x (One Pair)


This GTR Lighting product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the GTR LIghting team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Input Voltage: 9-24V DC

  • Current: 260mA-2.1A @ 12V DC

  • Light Source: 9x Proprietary SMD


  • CK Style Sockets: Not Compatible (Non-CK Only!)

  • Cross Compatibility: 1156, 1073, 1093, 1129, 1141, 1159, 1295, 1459, 1619, 1651, 1680, 3197, 5008, 7506, 7527

  • FITMENT: Signal, Marker, Brake, Tail, Reverse Lights


New Benchmark: When it comes to high performance LED Bulbs; the numbers game is simply an excuse for a lack of engineering, and GTR Lighting isn't here to play that game. The i-LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are here to win, and when you see them next to the aging competition, you won't worry much about the numbers.

Ultra Optics:The optical system on the i-LED bulbs is highly effective at maximizing output. It projects a considerable amount output forward to provide a vivid taste of intensity up close, but more importantly it reflects more than half of the output backwards onto the surrounding reflector of your head/tail light --which is what drives intensity when viewed from a distance.

Resistor Free: Make no mistake, these are still extremely powerful bulbs. The i-LED consumes nearly the same amount of power as the original incandescent/halogen bulb, which conveniently makes them resistor-free in many applications too. We do however recommend the optional plug-n-play modules for the most reliable hyperflash-free fitment into any position that acts as a blinker, regardless of application.

Applications: The GTR Ultra i-LED is available in a pure White, Red, PC Amber, and White/Amber Switchback. Their universal collar fits any headlight or taillight housing, making them the perfect solution for those who are unwilling to compromise on intensity from their turn, brake, tail and daytime running lights.

i-Driver: The intelligent LED Drivers have been tuned to maximize intensity without compromising in the reliability department. The high-output mode is over-driven for < 2 sec to maximize initial intensity, before ramping down to a more conservative drive rate that the system can handle long term.

Style, Even During the Daytime: Don't forget about the fact that everybody still see whats inside of your headlights during the daytime, even when they're un-lit. The GTR i-LED looks superior compared to everything else out there thanks to the fact that you cannot visibly see the LED chips directly. All you see is the business end of the bulb, with its mirror perfect, crystal clear optics protruding out of the anodized aluminum base. Perfection.

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