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Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner is a compact mid-sized SUV that was introduced in the mid-2000s and aimed at urban consumers. It is a stylish vehicle that focuses on looks and comfort. We offer better lighting upgrades for the Toyota 4Runner that will give your vehicle a great look. The 4Runner is one of the longest-running SUVs in the world that is popular among all types of consumers. Originally introduced in the 1980s as the Trekker and later marketed under the Hilux brand, the current model belongs to the fifth generation of the vehicle. It was significantly improved in 2003 when the brand name 4Runner was adopted and later saw an update in power and performance in 2009. The current model comes with a variety of halogen/HID bulbs and allows easy upgrades to HID/LED bulbs with conversion kits.

4Runner Headlight Upgrade

You can upgrades the headlights on your 4Runner with a custom retrofit job. All you have to do is take out the existing projectors and replace them with a new HID or LED projector housing. Some lights may need to be wired. However, most of the lights are built on a plug-and-play setup and easy to connect with their upgraded ballast or diode systems. If you are somewhat handy with lighting upgrades, you can do it on your own. You can also get the headlight upgrade completed at a tool shop. It is slightly more difficult to switch from a halogen projector housing to an HID or LED housing. Changing bulbs is easier if the housing is already in place. There are dozens of options available when looking to get low beams, high beams, and fog lights. We offer bulbs from OEM, such as Morimoto, Phillips, Osram, and dozens of other manufacturers. We only stock and supply high-quality bulbs that have been tested for consistency and high performance over an extended period.

Complete Lighting Solutions

At Headlight Revolution, we offer complete lighting solutions for 4Runner. Our lighting products include projector housing, conversion kits, bulbs, connectors, and accessories for Toyota 4Runner. Our lighting solutions include low beam, high beam, and multibeam HID and LED bulbs for 2014 - 2019 models. We also offer fog lights, brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, interior lights, and cargo bay lights for customers.

HID Lights for 4Runner

If you go with HID bulbs, you can get different variants, including H8, H9, H10, and H11 series. The 4Runner vehicles with factory-installed HID kits can run the 4300K bulbs as the brightest. However, you can get an HID kit upgrade and install bulbs that go up to 6500K on the 4Runner for a different color projection. Here is a quick color scheme for the HID bulbs. H11B/H9/H8 – XB 3000k – Yellow/Amber. H11B/H9/H8 – XB 3800k – Mild Yellow. H11B/H9/H8 – XB 4500k – Yellow to White. H11B/H9/H8 – XB 5500k – Recommend Color (Bright White). H11B/H9/H8 – XB 6000k – Recommend Color (Bright White/Blue). H11B/H9/H8 – XB 6500k – Very Blue.

LED Lights for 4Runner

Headlight Revolution offers a variety of LED lights and bulbs for the 4Runner. Whether you are looking to get LED Low Beam, High Beam, or Fog Lights for your vehicle, you can buy the latest lighting solutions through our store. The store also offers GTR lighting Low Beam and LED bulb upgrades for interior lighting, license plate lights, reverse lights, turn signals, brake lights, and Xenon Depot Xtreme LED Pro

Main Difference Between HID and LED Lights

The High-Intensity Discharge or HID lights are also called xenon lights. They eliminate the need for using a wire. These lights have two electrodes on opposing sides. When the light is turned on, it creates a bright arc which illuminates the bulb. The bulb itself is filled with xenon gas, which increases the intensity of the arc’s light. These bulbs last longer than halogens that come installed on the 4Runner. They are also much brighter but do consume more power. The Light Emitting Diode or LED lights are a completely different type of light. These lights rely on an array of light-emitting diodes that becomes illuminated when power is supplied. The illumination can cause the bulbs to get quite hot, so a built-in heat sink keeps them cooler. LEDs use only about a fifth of the energy of incandescent bulbs, and they last much longer. However, they tend to be more expensive than HID or Halogen bulbs.

Should You Get HID or LED Lights for Your 4Runner?

The answer to that really depends on your needs. Toyota 4Runner is a stylish SUV, and nothing adds a better look to the vehicle then an upgraded lighting system. Both HID and LED offer unique benefits. HID lights will give your vehicle a bright, sharp glow, and they are not too expensive. However, LED lights can last much longer and offer a cool bluish-white color that you won’t get with HID bulbs. The final choice is yours, of course, but you can get in touch with our experts for guidance.Need a recommendation on parts for your truck’s retrofit project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!