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Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular trucks around the world that owners like to modify. We offer complete OEM and retrofit projector kits, headlights, tail lights, sides, and interior lighting solutions for the vehicle. Toyota Tacoma was originally introduced during the mid-1990s. The truck was reintroduced in 2005 and is currently in its fourth generation. The company placed a huge emphasis on the truck’s design, performance, and power. However, many drivers felt that the company’s efforts regarding the truck’s lighting system didn’t live up to expectations. Thankfully, you can get that remedied

Complete Lighting System Upgrade for Tacoma Trucks

We offer stylish LED lighting systems that will allow you to improve your Tacoma’s on-road and off-road appearance significantly. It will also make your truck safer on the road during day time and night time driving. We offer LED headlights, brake lights, fog light kits, and LED bulbs that are high quality and do not consume a lot of power. Apart from the lighting systems, we offer mounting brackets as well that are designed to perfectly fit our branded Morimoto LED lights onto your Tacoma’s factory headlight or fog light pockets. Last but not least, our Grille Mount Brackets and lights will allow you to mount a powerful 20-inch LED Light Bar on your bar. You can also get a variety of stylish stealth bar lights and bumper light kits to make your vehicle truly stand out. All our headlights and bracket kits are designed to provide you off-road lighting solutions without spoiling your truck’s clean factory lines.

Lighting Solutions For New Trucks

Headlight Revolution offers the latest lighting solutions for fourth-generation Tacoma trucks. We offer Toyota Tacoma LED Low Beams, High Beams, Multi Low/High Beams, and GTR Ultra LEDs at very affordable prices. We offer a range of fog lights, including the SV.4 LED, XB LED, and GTR Ultra LED. We also supply LED front, side and back signaling lights, parking lights, brake lights, and reverse lights. Our store also offers interior lighting for a better driving experience. You can also add a 3rd brake light, grille lights, bumper lights, and number plate lights for turning your Tacoma truck into a beacon of lighting.

Why Get Lighting Upgrades for Your Tacoma Truck?

The new generation of Toyota Tacoma trucks came with major redesigns over the previous generation models. One of the best changes that the company made was that they equipped the redesigned truck with projector-style Low Beam headlamps. The reflector-type housing that they previously used bounced the light out and scattered it on the road. This technique illuminated your nighttime drive reasonably, but it wasn’t the optimum use of lighting. The projector-style housing uses a slightly different configuration of lenses. The projectors inside the headlamp produce a more tightly-controlled beam pattern that focuses out directly on the road. This gives a much sharper focus to the light and has a clean cutoff where the light pattern ends instead of spreading it out. This can be helpful in driving and less annoying for you and other drivers on the road. There is a general consensus among the retrofit community that projector-style housing is a more suitable candidate for any sort of lighting upgrades from stock halogen bulbs. Whether you choose to go for HID Xenon lights or LEDs, you will get better and more controlled results.

Best Headlight Bulbs for Your Tacoma Truck

Now that we know exactly why Tacoma’s projector headlamps are so great, let’s discuss the headlight bulbs that the newer models use and your upgrade options. The Low Beam headlights use an H11 halogen bulb with the following specs. H11 bulb length: 6.7cm. H11 bulb width: 1.08cm. Volts: 13.2. Amps: 4.17. Watts: 55W. H11s are commonly used for Low Beam headlights in a large number of vehicles. These stock halogens give out about 1200 lumens of light output. They have a slightly yellowish hue. Most drivers have found them lacking in lighting performance. If you want to upgrade the Low Beams on your Tacoma Truck, we suggest going with one of the following: HID Kit - These will give a powerful OEM-HID look that you can find on many vehicles these days (for example, BMW, Mercedes, etc.). LED Headlight Kit – LED offers a stable lumen output roughly around 1750. This is a 150% improvement over stock halogens. They come with a crisp white 5500-5700K color that enhances visibility. Either kit should do the trick. LED bulbs are preferred despite their higher price tag because they offer better visibility, style, and have a longer life than HID Xenon lights. Choose from 2001 - 2017 Toyota Tacoma lighting products. We have a huge selection of LED and HID headlights, offroad lighting, mounts, tail lights, interior lights and more! You'll be hard pressed to find more lighting products for these trucks ANYWHERE else! Please browse our YouTube videos, and contact us if you have any questions! LED and HID Headlights, Starr HID DOT Projector Housings, Light Bars, Rigid Industries Grilles, Interior LED bulb upgrades, tail lights and much much more! If you can't find what you're looking for please check out our YouTube channel and contact us. We have a Toyota Tacoma video series. Need a recommendation on parts for your truck’s retrofit project? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!