TACOMA (16-21)

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Go Offroad Like A Pro With Headlight Revolution

The first we we pick up that slack is with the right combination of off-road equipment that takes your rig to the next level. Take for example the NSV onboard air-compressor kit for your Toyota Tacoma. Don’t get stuck having to decide between pushing forward and getting home with the right amount of air in your tires. The NSV system is super stealthy and provides smart inflation to whatever you’re working with. Set it to the desired pressure and it’ll only pump to that target PSI. Use it for anything with a schrader valve including towables and inner tubes. Baja Designs helps illuminate the way forward on the darkest of trails with its Squadron LED Pods built to replace the factory fog lights on your truck. These bad boys fit into your factory fog light position without any cutting or trimming and are completely secure. Best yet not only do they look amazing when they’re off, they’re a mammoth leap over the stock units in terms of performance ocne you light them up. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the photos and see for yourself. If adding spot lights is a key factor for you we suggest the Vision-X A-Pillar kit as well as their Tacoma specific grille mounted LED assembly. Both are rugged enough to handle the toughest trails and bright enough to turn nighttime into daylight. What’s special about the grille is that aside from doing the small stuff right, like mounting to factory points and being physically sturdy, it’s available with your choice of either the CG2 LED light cannons (aptly named if we do say so ourselves), or the XPR9-M lightbar. The XPR is all about going fast and seeing where you’re going long before you get to that turn on the trail. With 9 super bright LEDs it can throw light further than 1,300 feet and stand up to the worst weather and conditions this planet has to offer. The CG2 Cannons split the difference by being perhaps the most balanced grille mounted LED unit we’ve seen. Two of the four assemblies take on spotlight/driving light duty while the other two are flood/scene beams. That gives you the most complete lighting solution possible for crawling and regular trail driving.

LED Upgrades Have Never Been Easier Than With Headlight Revolution

We’ve all been there, a bulb burns out and it’s flashing a light in our dash at us or maybe making a noise to alert us and so we pull into the auto parts store only to be stuck in there hoping we’ve found the right konami code for our vehicle. Headlight Revolution takes all that guess work out. We’ve curated the best selection of replacement LED bulbs available for the Toyota Tacoma and we’ve found options to cover everything you could need inside and out. Perhaps the thing you hate most in the world is backing up your truck to your trailer. We can turn that frown upside down with the GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse Bulb. It’s designed to transform your reverse lights from signal lights that only alert others into full on sight enhancing lights that allow you to more easily see your path. Consider this, at 1,000 lumens they’re rated at roughly twice what stock headlights are. They’re really that bright. Don’t take our word for it, watch our video on these bad boys over on our YouTube channel. GTR Lighting builds a special series called the Carbide LED and it’s the perfect way to improve the brightness and longevity of the signal lighting on your Tacoma. Each bulb is purpose made to work in a specific location. The Carbide Series Tail Light LED bulb for instance is a bright red color that plugs right in where your original bulb was. It creates twice the brightness and won’t require you to wire in a resistor or anything else to get them to function. 100% plug-n-play, just like we prefer it.

Boost Headlight & Fog Light Performance With New LED Bulbs

We know that many of you simply want to swap your forward bulbs with brighter LED options and move on. That’s why we’ve brought together the best in the business so you can upgrade and get back to business yourself. If you’ve ever heard us talk about the S-V.4 you know that we love it but maybe you don’t know why. It really comes down to the attention to detail that they’ve lavished on this bulb. Unlike others it’s small AND mighty. It’s compact size allows it to fit into almost any housing and that’s a huge plus considering that Toyota is well known for how tight some bulbs are squeezed in there. It also doesn’t give up anything in terms of performance, often beating out every other bulb we carry here at Headlight Revolution. It’s brighter, the cutoff line is crisper, and the reliability is outstanding. The only other bulb we might suggest would be the GTR Lighting Ultra 2.0 LED. It’s packing a lifetime, yes lifetime warranty. Where that might make you think that it’s underpowered let us ensure you that it’s incredibly bright. It’s just so well engineered that GTR is confident it won’t ever fail you.

Go Big With New LED Headlight Assemblies For Your Toyota

There’s no denying that swapping out your headlight assemblies is a complete game changer. The problem is that most assemblies out there are so cheaply made that you need to be master electrician and a fabricator to get them to fit and function correctly, and even then they’re no brighter than stock. That’s not what we’re offering here at Headlight Revolution. We’ve tested these assemblies and we love them both. Want a truly unique and high-performance set of eyes for your Tacoma? Here they are. You’ve likely heard us talk about Morimoto before. They’re a Californian based company that specializes in innovative LED and HID technologies and they’re the creators of the infamously exceptional XB LED headlight line. You’ve probably seen these at your local car show or cars and coffee and just not know what they were. Morimoto pours its heart and soul into the design of these assemblies and it’s easy to see why we’re such fans when you dig into the design. To start with you’ll love how they use subtle design cues from the original to ensure that these don’t look out of place on the face of your truck. As you look deeper you’ll notice the tri-projector setup. All three of those get used for the low beam and produce more than 30% more light than stock. Flip the high beams on and you’ll get 100% more light than stock. These are seriously bright lights and the wicked startup sequence that illuminates the housing every time your truck is unlocked completely sets it apart from any other. On the other side of the same high-value coin is the AlphaRex NOVA Series. These LED headlights are powered by a Quad-Projector arrangement and also wildly out-perform the stock units. In addition, we love that these come in three distinct colors, matte black, jet black, and chrome. That means there’s no need to open them up to customize since you can just get the color that fits your truck the best direct from us.