TUNDRA (07-13)

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New School LED Tundra Lighting For Your Pickup

Do you love the look of the latest Tundra and its headlight design? Well with help from Morimoto and AlphaRex not only can you get a similar look but you’ll get even better lighting performance than the latest Tundra offers. Morimoto offers its renowned XB LEDs for both the headlight and the fog light assembly on the 07-13 Tundra. Both are exceptional products but let’s consider what goes into the XB LED Headlight. First, the housing itself meets or exceeds the quality of the OEM unit. That includes a UV-resistant polycarbonate housing that resists yellowing from the sun. Inside you’ll find a Bi-LED light source that simply outshines anything that’s ever come out of the Toyota factory. Combine that with the incredibly easy install process that uses all the same factory plugs and mounting points and it’s easy to see why it’s a fan favorite too. It also has that super bright LED DRL you’ve seen on the most recent trucks, now with a bit of twist on the design to set yourself apart.

AlphaRex LED Headlight and Tail Light Assemblies

When we take a look at the design from AlphaRex we see some similar features like the easy install process but they set themselves apart from Morimoto with 3 distinctly different units and 3 different colors available for each. The Pro Series uses your current halogen headlight bulb but improves upon the reflector design to produce more usable light. It also wraps the headlight in a clear and bright LED DRL. We also carry the Pro Series LED Taillight so you can complete the look with perfectly matching headlights and tail lights. The LUXX Series moves into a full LED assembly using reflectors to project the light onto your target. This is the perfect blend of performance and value for those looking to get into a complete LED assembly. The NOVA Series takes things to the maximum with a full Quad-LED Projector setup using AlphaRexes proprietary “Ice-cube” projectors. These are as advanced as they get and in our testing, we’ve seen them not only produce exceptional cutoff lines and crisp white light, but they’re damn bright too, easily doubling the output of stock headlights.

Make Your Tundra Stand Out With KC Hi-Lites And Custom HIDs

If you’re sincere about making a statement then there’s no easier way to do that than with KC Hi-Lites M-Rack and our completely Tundra tailored HID kits. The M-Rack is what every other roof rack wishes it could be. Not only is it just as tough and durable as any other rack out there, but it’s also much more streamlined. That means that you won’t get the ridiculously annoying wind noise that’s so prevalent amongst other options on the market. In addition, since it’s a KC product you know it’s going to be perfect for some lighting right? Up front, there’s rigging for the Pro6 Gravity LED light bar. That’s the same one we all think of when we picture an off-road monster truck. It’s rated at more than 19,000 lumens and here’s where it gets impressive, at 10 meters… or 32 feet away it’s still producing more than 5,000 lux. Get it with the hideaway system and it’ll look like there’s no wiring at all on this thing. It’s a beast perfectly suited to your beast. To top it off why not outfit the front of your Tundra with a pair of 100% custom HID headlights? This Morimoto package will come with everything, we mean everything you need to get the most intensely bright headlights available up and running on your rig. Pick from custom shrouds, lens etching, and more to cement your truck’s place as truly one of a kind.

No Need To Settle For Second-Rate Signal Lighting At Headlight Revolution

We can’t stand old-school style halogen bulbs that never truly fulfill the job they’re intended to do. They’re dim, they’re hard to see, and what light you can see is kinda ugly if we’re honest. We’ve curated a special selection of the perfect LED bulbs to completely transform your truck into one that outperforms even 2021 models. GTR Lighting builds a bulb for every socket in your Tundra and each one provides reliably brighter performance than stock. Take for example your third brake light. This 10-Chip LED bulb creates more than twice the brightness of the factory bulb and looks far better to boot. Do we even have to mention how important that small bulb is? It’s a no brainer, but the best part is that you can continue to match that same intensity around the entire truck. The Armor Series is built to stand up to the same workload you put your Tundra through and it’s going to make your truck look better in the process. Built as a switchback amber/white LED bulb for the front turn signals and amber for the rear turn signal it’s the perfect way to alert others more reliably. Inside you’ll find a constant current driver that modulates the current and prolongs the life of these LED bulbs well past what the stock units could handle. There’s no price on safety and for the meager cost of these exceptional bulbs, you can ensure that everyone else on the road sees you and your Tundra much more clearly. Imagine too what a complete game changer a super bright and clean LED cargo light can do for you. The Carbide Series fills that spot on your truck and again installs just like it was a factory bulb. The best part is that instead of hunting around trying to find your stuff in the bed of your Tundra it’ll be easy to spot and easy to navigate with these 1,200-lumen bulbs. Don’t settle for less than the best.