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Morimoto Compression Clips

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x A83

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Tired of wrestling with stubborn headlight housings? Our Compression Clips are your answer. Designed for those who've faced the challenges of cutting lenses or piecing housings back together, these clips simplify the process. With one side featuring claws for grip and a set-screw on the other for assembly, they epitomize efficiency. Whether you need a permanent solution or a temporary hold while glue sets, they're versatile and reusable. Made from rust-resistant steel with a black oxide finish, they're built to last. Plus, they fit housings from 9mm to 19mm. Choose Compression Clips for a hassle-free experience.


  • Effortless Handling: Say goodbye to the tedious task of cutting lenses or wrestling with pliers. These clips are designed to make headlight housing a breeze.
  • Functionality at its Best: With claws on one side for optimal grip and a set-screw on the other for seamless assembly, these clips redefine simplicity and efficiency.
  • Versatility: Whether you need a permanent solution for a particularly tough housing or a temporary fix while the glue sets, these clips have got you covered. Plus, they're reusable!
  • Durable Design: Crafted from steel and finished with a black oxide coat, these clips are not only robust and resilient but also resistant to rust and wear.
  • One Size Fits All: Forget the limitations of standard "C" clips. Our Compression Clips are adjustable, accommodating housings as narrow as 9mm and as wide as 19mm.


  • Clip: 1x Morimoto Compression C-Clip

  • Hardware: 1x M3 x 10mm Allen Head Set Screw


  • Material: Stamped Unfinished Stainless Steel

  • Dimensions: 24mm L,13-19mm Channel Range,8mm W

  • Screw Specs: M3 x 10mm



  • Channel Sizes: 13-19mm Width

The Right Stuff: If you've ever cut the lens clean off a pain-in-the-ass permaseal headlight or found yourself squeezing a set of pliers around the outside perimeter of a housing trying to get it to go back together, or these are for you!

Simple: The concept here is simple. The claws on one side dig into the plastic to provide you with "traction" and the set-screw on the other side presses the two halves back together.

Take it or leave it: If you've got a really stubborn housing on your hands, you can leave the clips in place permanently. If you just need them to keep everything nice and tight while the glue is cooling off (and hardening up) - they can be removed and re-used again too.

Construction: Stamped from steel and finished with black oxide, these beefy clips will not only hold strong under high pressure without bending, they won't rust or wear over time either.

Adjustable: Why not just offer the common "C" clips found on many OEM headlights? You have to have a specific length in order for them to be useful. The Compression Clips can re-seal housings as narrow as 9mm and and wide as 19mm.

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