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Polaris RZR

The Polaris brand is famous for its off-road driving vehicles. The new and improved RZR has been a huge hit with fans thanks to its extreme performance, power, handling, and sporty look. It also offers plenty of room for customization with HID and LED lighting in the projectors, hood, grille, sides, and taillights. There has been some debate about whether the Polaris RZR is the best vehicle for adventurers trailblazing through the wild countryside. It is a powerful medium-sized vehicle that can easily carry four and even cruises smoothly through sandy desert terrains or wet mud without bogging down. We can’t argue with its performance and handling. However, the headlight projector system on this vehicle has not received the same level of attention as the engine and other parts. The RZR comes with halogen headline bulbs. These lights are quite outdated, even for driving in a paved urban setting. Using these bulbs while driving through the wild can cause frustration, especially if you are used to driving vehicles with an LED projector. They offer only limited visibility, and you may consider upgrading to something better.

RZR LED Projectors & 3-in-One Reflect Mirror

If you upgrade to LED projectors for Polaris RZR, you will notice significantly better visibility and lighting while driving. LED lights are widely being adopted by off-road drivers because they offer the following benefits. A superior projector light output. A sharp and accurate front beam shape. The LED light is aimed at a more effective angle than the factory-built headlights. LED lights offer full DOT/SAE & ECE compliance and exceed the legal safety requirements & standards required while driving. LED projectors to deliver maximum LED power & efficiency to a focal point on the road. The projector lens is used to emit light beams that deliver unmatched visibility & clarity for drivers. LED projectors don’t consume as much fuel as halogen or HID bulbs. We offer LED headlight bulb upgrades for various models of Polaris RZR from the top brands, including GTR Lighting and Vision X. Our LED projector kits are easy to install and will last much longer than regular halogen bulbs without suffering from any significant loss in power or illumination. We also offer the powerful Rigid Reflect ATV / UTV Mirror for Polaris RZR. This lighting fixture illuminates both the road ahead as well as the road behind your vehicle. It also doubles down as a powerful side mirror when you turn the rear lights off. It also includes amber bulbs on the outer edge of the fixture that can be used as turn signals.

Headlight Mount for Polaris RZR

Specially designed headlight mounts for the Polaris RZR make it much easier to see the road ahead even in the darkest of nights. We offer specialized projectors designed specifically for the Polaris RZR. These mounts are coated with UV and an abrasion-resistant powder coat for the anti-glare effect. The mounts are designed with patented technology. They are easy to install and employ patented technology. These special mounts come with all the required hardware and have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

LED Halo Kits for Polaris RZR

We also offer LED halo kits and headlight upgrade kits from popular brands like Oracle and Vision X. These lighting solutions will add better visibility and plenty of styles, giving you a much better driving experience. Our lighting solutions are not too heavy on the wallet and add a strong, focused light for your vehicle. You will get plenty of benefits with our OEM LED lights. 1. Accurate Light Projection - Many experts agree that LED bulbs in the projector headlight offer a powerful way to get a focused beam and cut down on light scatter loss on the road. 2. Add Style – There can be no denying that LED lights can enhance the look of the vehicle’s front and sides. The choice of so many colors and customization can be used to give more class and a cooler appeal to your offroad RZR. 3.Better Night Driving - The traditional reflector style of halogen and HID headlights is now going out of fashion to make way for the newer LED lighting technology. These lights make use of the bulb positioning to provide an excellent setup for driving at night. Since you don’t get a lot of reflective surfaces off-road, LED is perfect for the Polaris RZR. 4.OEM and Retrofit LED Lights – As most manufacturers focus on engine, body, and performance of the vehicle, the headlight projector system takes a back seat. This is where specialized lighting manufacturers like Rigid, Vision X, and GTR are dominating and offer much better projector headlight products than you will get with the custom factory lighting. The Can-Am Maverick ATV vehicles and motorcycles are favored by sports enthusiasts and off-road drivers. Great lighting performance is a must-have for these ATVs as you won’t find much lighting in the rough terrain. Headlight Revolution offers the perfect solutions to light up your way. Once popular during the 1970s, the Can-Am off-road vehicles are making a great comeback. These off-road vehicles are designed to handle rugged terrain and unsmooth driving conditions that you will find while driving around the countryside or off the road. These ATVs are mostly popular among dirt rally racers or riders who are looking to go on an adventure. Lighting systems on most Can-Am ATVs are adequately built for riding in places with a little bit of illumination. If you are driving completely off-road, however, you will need powerful projector kits for high and low beam headlights. At Headlights Revolution, we offer complete projector and lighting upgrades and replacement for Can-Am Maverick vehicles. Our solutions include lights, bulbs, and conversion kits for most models of Can-Am since 2017. We also offer lighting upgrades and replacement bulbs for older versions of the vehicle from 2007 – 2014 and 2014+.

Improve Headlight Projection for Your Off-Road Driving

Most models of Can-Am Maverick variants come with Halogen bulbs that are not very powerful in terms of projection. HID bulbs give much better lighting projection as they are significantly brighter, whiter, and make it easier to see the road. Ask any rider, and they will tell you that there is simply no comparison between HID ballast projectors and stock halogen bulbs for Can-Am off-road ATVs.The HID bulbs are not only brighter, but they offer a better shade of color than halogen. Compared to the dim yellow of the stock bulbs, the HID converted bulbs will give your vehicle a bright whiter glow with tons more light.

HID & LED Projectors from Headlight Revolution

We offer better projectors for the high and low beams of your front Can-Am Maverick headlights. We stock and supply conversion kits from popular brands, including GTR Lighting, Vision X, and other popular brands. Our front projectors and conversion kits are quick and easy to install and come at a very affordable price. They will significantly enhance your headlights’ projection and allow you to see farther on the road. Better HID lighting will enhance your driving experience and also improve your off-road driving safety. On the other hand, if you would prefer to go with the latest technology, you may want to give the Rigid industries ATV/UTV mirror with LED a try. It is an advanced, LED-based lighting solution that will illuminate your road ahead with brilliance. It is very easy to install with its roll cage mounting clamps and a popular sell because of its long-lasting, useful life.

Halo Kits and Custom Mounts for Can-Am Maverick

Unlike most other vehicles, the Can-Am is an open vehicle that is designed for off-road driving. Halo kits and custom mount bars add a fantastic look to the Can-Am Maverick. Lighting manufacturers have seen the great potential for designing stylish lighting for this ATV. That is why you can find plenty of good stylish external lighting fixtures that will make your Can-Am ATV stand out while driving around the countryside. At Headlights Revolution, you will find custom mounts like the LED Halo Kit from Oracle and Vision X roof light bar mounts. We also offer X3 shock tower light bar mount, front rack kit from Cannon, and LED halo rings for the front, rear, and sides. We can also help if you are looking to upgrade the lighting fixtures on your older Can-Am ATV. Headlights Revolution is one of the few stores that supplies LED halo kits for the Renegade 2007 – 2014 model. We also stock and supply LED halo kits for the 2008 – 2010 Can-Am Spyder. Whether you are looking for specific lighting solutions or need universal projectors and conversion kits, we are the number one choice for your needs. If you cannot find the specific lights, bulbs, or kits for your model of Can-Am ATV, get in touch with our support team, and we will find the right equipment for your needs.

Get Your Can-Am ATV Lights from Headlight Revolutions

Headlight Revolution’s selection of lighting upgrades, kits, and bulbs for the Can-Am off-road driving are perfect for getting everyone’s attention and for a wonderful driving experience. Our HID projector bulbs for the Can-Am ATV are supplied from some of the top OEM manufacturers including, Vision X, Cannon, and GTR Lighting. They are rigorously tested for quality and performance, and you can trust us only to supply the best!

Types of Golf Cart Lights

Golf cart lights can be divided into two main categories. There are Non-Street Legal and Street Legal light kits. 1.Street Legal golf cart light kits can be used for driving on the road in the city.2.Non-Street Legal golf cart light kits are useful for driving around your own property or campsite only. If you own a golf cart, you will generally have to drive to the golf course from home. Your golf cart may not come with street-legal golf cart lights and you would need to install appropriate golf cart lights separately to make your vehicle compliant to law. On the other hand, if you have parking space available at your favourite golf course, you may not need to drive around town in your golf cart. In this case, you can make do with non-street legal lights as well, since the cart won’t be going on the streets anyways.

Halogen and LED Golf Cart Lights

Once you have decided on the type of golf cart light kit that you want for your specific use, simply select your golf cart brand/model and then choose whether you would like LED type lights or Halogen type light bulbs. LED Golf Cart Light Bulbs are very efficient, brighter and last much longer. LED bulbs use less energy to run so they can be more economical in terms of fuel average. If you upgrade to LED lights on your golf cart, you will need to get the appropriate conversion kit to fit LED bulbs. Halogen Golf Cart Light Bulbs are based on older and more trusted technology. They use slightly more energy than LED bulbs but still offer reasonably ample light in the dark for all your needs. Their main selling point is that they are much cheaper. Most golf cart manufacturers install halogen bulbs on their vehicles and you can replace them without the need for any conversion.

Why Choose Headlight Revolution for Your Golf Cart Lights

Headlight Revolution store is a trusted name for a large variety of vehicle lighting solutions. We offer an extensive range of halogen, HID and LED lights for ATVs, trucks and urban vehicles. Our excellent reputation in the market sets us apart from other golf cart lighting solution providers. We have been providing golf cart lighting kits, bulbs, accents and assemblies for many years. Headlight Revolution offers one of the highest quality and most reliable aftermarket LED accent light kits for golf carts in the industry today. Our golf cart lighting kits will look great on your golf cart irrespective of the manufacturer. Our golf cart lights are suitable for EZ Go, Yamaha, Club Car, and other golf cart models. We provide golf cart lights from top brands in the market including Morimoto, Vision X, United Pacific and N-Fab. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience the service quality and innovation that go hand-in-hand with our flexible golf cart LED lights. Choose from our finest selection of golf cart LED and halogen lights and assemblies. When you’re searching for the best halogen and LED lights for your golf cart, look no further than Headlight Revolution. Light up golfing game in style by choosing from our top-of-the-line golf cart lights today!