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Fog Light Assemblies

Fog lights are useful when driving in poor visibility conditions caused by snow rain, fog, or even an excessive amount of dust in the air. Fog lights can be used during the day and night. We offer fog light assemblies for a wide variety of vehicles. To understand fog lights, let’s consider how fog reduces visibility. Fog is a common occurrence in many parts of the world that are close to the ocean or a large body of water. When the conditions are right, tiny drops of water or ice crystals in the air can float just over the surface of the ground. They act as a sort of cloud that is very close to the ground and blocks your view. When you turn your headlights on in foggy weather, the water droplets and ice crystals disperse light in all directions making it even more difficult for you to see. This can lead to a very frustrating and dangerous driving condition.

Fog Lights Offer A Visibility Solution

Fog lights offer a great solution for improving visibility during foggy conditions. Fog lights work effectively in multiple poor visibility conditions that include fog, mist, snow, and even blowing sand in the air. Factory-equipped fog lights are placed close to the ground, as low as possible, to make looking at the road through the fog easier for you. Usually, they are placed in the lower bumper cover on most modern vehicles. Fog doesn’t always touch the ground but hovers around 18 inches over the surface of the earth. The very low placement of the fog lights on a vehicle allows the light beam to hit the road without interference from the fog. The fog light assembly has a sharp cutoff angle at the top of the light housing unit. This prevents the beam from shining upwards, causing any reflection through the fog, and only illuminates the road ahead. Since fog light assemblies are angled downwards, they do not have the same “reach” as headlights. However, they should be able to light up enough of the road ahead for drivers to slowly drive through foggy conditions. Fog lights also allow other drivers to become aware of your presence out on the road, giving you a second safety benefit.

When Should You Use Fog Lights?

Fog lights are not very useful when the driving conditions are good. You can get better lighting that projects farther with your headlamps than fogs. There is no reason to ever turn on your fog lights unless your visibility becomes very poor when driving. Fog lights can be more useful in some conditions when visibility becomes impaired due to rain, fog, snow, etc. If you find yourself driving in a condition with poor visibility and your high beams reflect light at you, it is better to switch to fogs to see the road better. The downside to fog lights is that they only illuminate the ground immediately in front of your vehicle. This makes it dangerous to drive at a fast speed when you are solely relying on your fog lights for visibility. It’s illegal in some areas to drive with just your fog lights on, even if your main beam headlights are producing glare. If you find yourself driving in conditions that call for turning the fog lights on, their primary function.

Rear Fog Lights

The rear fog lamps are designed for the benefit of drivers approaching you from behind. These fogs illuminate the road for drivers behind you, alerting them to the presence of your vehicle in foggy conditions when visibility is low. In a fog, your tail lights are unlikely to be visible to drivers behind you because the light gets scattered by the fog. The fog lights help prevent drivers from hitting you under those same conditions. Typically, rear fog lights are red, which makes them quite similar to brake lights and tail lights. For most vehicles, the rear fog lights and brake lights produce a similar intensity of light. So having the read fog lights on produces a similar effect as pressing the brake pedal.

Best Fog Light Assemblies Headlights Revolution

Factory fitted fog lights generally use halogen bulbs. They are not very effective and bright. We offer LED fog light assemblies that are much brighter, consume lower power, and last much longer. We offer vehicle-specific front and rear LED fog light assemblies from popular brands, including Morimoto, GTR Lighting, and Diode Dynamics. Need a recommendation for buying the best Fog Light Assemblies? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!

LED Fog Lights

You can use LED lighting technology to upgrade your fog lights for improved visibility and better projection. We offer universal and vehicle specific LED fog lights in pure white and bluish tint for customers. If you consider the important role of fog lights for driving at night, it is easy to see why brighter is better. Fog lights are positioned near the bottom part of your front bumper and much closer to the ground. The light cast by the fog lights illuminates the road surface that is immediately in front of the vehicle. The main function of the fog lights is to make it easier for you to see if you are approaching any potholes or bumps on the road and avoid them in time. The built-in halogen bulbs found on most vehicles are not up to the task because a) they are not as bright and b) they do not project light as far out as LED fog lights do. The solution is to upgrade your fog lights to LED bulbs for a smoother, safer driving experience.

Are They Different from Low Beam Headlights?

Many drivers don’t give much heed to fog lights because they are under the assumption that low beam lamps of the headlight offer the same utility. It is true that low beam lamps also illuminate from the lower part of the vehicle. But that doesn’t mean you can use them as fog lights. The dedicated fog lights are installed with a steeper angle of illumination to light up the immediate front of the vehicle. This is in contrast to the shallower angles of high and low beam lights that are supposed to lighten long stretch of the road. Moreover, fog lights have a sharp top cut-off and usually come in yellow hues for its longer wavelength. If you don’t want to get involved in fender benders, especially with your heavy-duty ride due to poor road visibility, then you need to look into a high-quality fog light replacement for SUVs and trucks. Persisting with conked out fog light only projects you as an irresponsible driver.

Comparing LED Fog Lights To Halogen Fog Lights

The main difference between LED and halogen Fog lights is in the quality of brightness. When you consider the brightness offered by LED fog lights, you will need to look at their output in lumens not wattage. Regular bulbs use the watt unit to measure brightness. However, wattage only tells you the power consumed by the bulb instead of the actual brightness it generates. Most LED fog lights only consume a fifth of this power to generate the same level of brightness. If you are looking to compare LED fogs to halogen fogs, a more accurate unit of measurement will be lumens. One lumen equals the light of a single standardized candlepower (cd) unit. When you buy an LED fog light, its brightness generating power will be specified in lumen on the product description.

Benefits of Getting LED Fog Lights

LED lights are popular for fogs because they give a much brighter glow while consuming a lot less power than a halogen bulb. An LED fog light offers supreme performance and also lasts much longer. They can brighten up the road ahead much better than halogen bulbs. The best thing about LED Fog Lights is that you can adjust them anyway you want. They offer plenty of benefits too. LED fog lights offer better lighting glow without putting a drain on your batteries. You can use them to replace your traditional 55 W halogen bulbs. They offer considerably better visibility when driving in unlighted roads and dark alleys. LED fog lights make it easier to detect pedestrians, potholes, roads bumps, animals or other kinds of road blocks in time. Better visibility means safer driving and reduced chances of an accident. While LED fogs may be slightly more expensive than halogen fogs, they will last much longer and won’t cost a lot of fuel to operate. In the long run, they will be cheaper than HID or halogen fogs. LED fogs are meant to cover a shorter distance than headlights. The LED technology can be used to project a focused beam in the fog lights and brighten up the road in white light ahead of your vehicle. Due to their greater brightness, LED lights are also easy to see for other drivers. LED fog lights on your car will warn other drivers and prevent chances of a collision.

Upgrade to LED Fog Lights with Headlights Revolution

LED fog lights come in different shapes, power and sizes. You can buy vehicles specific LED fog lights as well as universal LED fog lights that should fit easily in most cars. The Headlights Revolution store stocks and supplies fog lights for many popular brands and models of vehicles. Out bestselling vehicle specific fog lights include LED fogs for GMC Sierra 2014 – 2018, Ford F-Series LED Fog lights, LED fogs for Toyota vehicles, LED fogs for Jeep and LED fog lights for Chevrolet 2007 – 2017 models. We also stock and supply LED fog lights for Dodge, Dodge Ram, Nissan and Hummer. We also sell universal LED fog lights so if you cannot find the specific LED fogs for your vehicle, get in touch with our support team and they will find a product for you. Our LED fog lights are sourced from top LED OEM manufacturers in the market. We supply LED fog lights from Morimoto, Vision X, JW Speaker, Xenon Depot, Rigid Industries and GTR Lighting. We also offer LED Fog Light conversion kits that include the bulbs, wires and all the necessary equipment you will need to upgrade to LED fog lights. These LED fog light housings feature stunning style, low energy usage and tons of light output! These vehicle specific kits are plug and play and will increase brightness of your stock halogen fogs by 100%-200% depending on the style. If you need help picking out the right kit for your truck, please contact us for assistance! JW Speaker is an American manufacturing company out of Wisconsin and they are responsible for iconic designs such as the 7" Round 8700, and the 4" round 6145 LED lights that fit Jeeps, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford and other vehicles. Accept no imitation and only settle for the real deal! JW Speaker has high quality universal and vehicle specific LED fog light kits.

Fog Lights

Poor visibility is one of the most viable threats for road safety. Not only does it endanger you and your vehicle, but it also compromises the safety of others on the road. Fog lights help you in steering clear your way in all such instances where visibility plummets by a weather phenomenon. Let’s suppose you are cruising on a road covered with heavy mist and fog, so much so that you can’t see even a few feet away despite with low beam on. So, what to do in such a situation? Keep on driving with such poor road visibility is a recipe for road calamity if you are not using the dedicated fog lights. Fog lights are particularly designed for all those conditions where the road visibility is affected by the solid suspended particles of water and dust. They are fitted beneath the main driving light of the vehicle. Fog lights are used in particular conditions. Therefore, many drivers remain careless about their upkeep. If you are also one of those people who are only relying on driving lights even when visibility is poor, we would strongly recommend you to get a quality fog light replacement for your vehicle immediately.

LED Fog Light Replacements for SUVs

SUVs are muscular vehicles with high-performance engines. This is the reason why road accidents involving SUVs entail greater destruction and casualties. This inbuilt risk of SUV driving puts more responsibility on you to have the best driving light equipment installed on your vehicle— both main and supplementary lights. Usually, the stock fog lights in the majority of SUVs come with traditional halogen bulbs. These bulbs offer decent illumination. However, they are not good enough in relative terms. For instance, LED fog light replacements for SUVs are exceedingly better than many stock options. The use of LED bulbs in fog light replacements for SUVs entails many particular benefits. They Don’t Produce Glare Like Other Light Sources. LED lights are intrinsically better with producing low glare reflections, which is a major issue when it comes to fog lights. Halogen bulbs, particularly the ones with white hue, often produce a lot of glare in the presence of dense fog and airborne dust particles. This doesn’t just temporarily blind you on the steering, but it also affects the visibility of other drivers on the road. The glare in the LED lights automatically minimizes because its beam remains focused and doesn’t shatter like other light sources. They Offer a Solid Block of Light. If you want to have fog light upgrade for a truck, then you must get a replacement that ensures solid and focused illumination of the intended path on the road. This is possible with high-quality LED fog light replacements available in the market. For instance, XB Fog Lights by Morimoto produces a wide beam of 2400 lumens through a projector that is wide enough to illuminate the area right next to your trucks and SUVs. You can’t get such brightness, beam focus, and minimal glare in any traditional halogen replacement. They Are Energy-Efficient and Space-Efficient. During snowstorms, when the vehicle’s heater is already putting too much load on the alternator, a heavy-duty incandescent fog light will only act as a double whammy for the strained battery. To streamline your vehicle’s electrical consumption, you need to use LED fog light replacements. They are energy efficient. Any LED fog light consumes less than half of the wattage that a halogen light of the same lumen rating would use. LED lights are also space-efficient, and this is the aspect of LED fog light replacements that offer you better optical control. For instance, CMB LED Fog Lights by Xenon Depot have an un-domed design and compact footprint, improving their optical control value. If you don’t want to compromise on road safety by any means, always drive with working fog lights, preferably LED ones. At Headlight Revolution, you can find many different top-quality LED fog replacements for SUVs and trucks of all leading auto manufacturers at reasonable price points. Need a recommendation for upgrading to LED Fog Lights? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!