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Accent Lighting

LED Rock Lights

You can buy a ton of Auxiliary LED Rock Lights at Headlights Revolution. We only choose and stock high quality rock lights from popular brands that are bright, reliable and very affordable. Drivers who usually travel off road are all too familiar with the difficulties of traveling on a tricky, dark trail at night. When you are driving in the city or suburbs, the streets are illuminated by the street lamps and natural lighting coming from the buildings. But when you are driving off-road at night, it is completely dark and you are aided by nothing more than the lights you have installed on the vehicle. This is where auxiliary LED rock lights can make a crucial difference and light up the area around your vehicle. You see, car headlights and fogs are designed to project light straight ahead. They can illuminate the area at the front at a distance but don’t provide enough lighting near your vehicle. Rock lights are almost always based on LED technology. This is because LED lights are very durable in terms of output durability. Apart from being useful on off road trails, rock lights also improve the overall appearance of your vehicle, assuming you pair the colors in a decent combination.

Best Rock Lights for ATV, Jeep and Trucks

Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular vehicles for auxiliary LED rock lights upgrade. Jeep has become a name synonymous with off road travel and OEM understands how drivers want auxiliary lighting solutions for this off road ATV. At Headlights Revolution, we work with top LED rock lights manufacturers in the market to bring you the best JW rocklights at affordable prices. JW Speaker, Vision X, Morimoto and United Pacificare our top suppliers in this category and they are popular for producing powerful LED rock lights. We supply vehicle specific and universal RGB LED Rock Lights trusted brands. Our LED Rock lights will help light up the ground under your off-road ATV. They can be used to illuminate the customized undercarriage and engine bay. You can also install them on the doors to illuminate the sides or put them in the cabin to create special effects. There are so many possibilities without LED Rock Lights that you can customize your vehicle any way you want.

LED Rock Light Features

We understand that rock lights must be durable and waterproof because they are usually installed on the body and exposed to elements and dirt. All our rock light products come tested and they are guaranteed to work. Our rock lights can be used to illuminate the color of your choice. We offer them in red, green and blue colors with the option to mix those colors to any combination and effect that you desire. Our rock lights can be wirelessly controlled through your smartphone. You can change the colors and strobe with a single tap. You can even change colors to the beat of your favorite tunes!

Headlights Revolution LED Rock Light Kits

LED rock lights come in kits that include all necessary components. The rock light kits on offer at Headlights Revolutions storecome with 4 LED Rock Light pods, control module, wiring harness and plastic mounts to facilitate installation on various body surfaces. Simplicity is the key for using our Rock Light LED kits. All our productsare based on simple Plug & Play system, control box, remote controller, sturdy pods, and so forth. The most critical component of LED rock light kits is the control panel, which allows you to adjust sensitivity, speed, sequence, and other modes for the lights. The LED Rock lights system is designed to operate wirelessly. Some of our high-end products also feature a built-in microphone which can be used to control the lights as well. The lights are sturdy, water-resistant and shockproof. Most kits come with 4 pods standard, each having 15 LEDs. Higher end kits include 8 pods. You can also buy pods individually at our store based on your needs. The lights included with our kits are very versatile, and you can mount them anywhere you want (under car, wheels, headlights, door frames etc.) Out kits are very reliable and stable. They will function under harsh conditions and in heavy-duty environments that you face during off road driving. But, you will have to pay a substantial amount of money for

LED Strip Lighting

LED strips are all the rage these days. Drivers particularly prefer to install them under the vehicle and inside the cabin for a cool lighting effect. LED strips can really make head turns and your vehicle will become the center of attention. LED strip lights are becoming a popular lighting option for vehicles after their success with business stores and homes. They are versatile, create a cool glow and don’t consume a lot of power. It is growing to become a more functional and innovative way to light up the interior and exterior of vehicles. LED strip lights are also well-known as LED Tape or Ribbon. They come in various color combination including blue, green, yellow and red. Since they are very flexible, drivers can use them in difficult to reach places to add great lighting to their cars and trucks. LED lights are easy to install under the vehicle, on door panels, on the hood and inside the cabin. There are mainly two types of LED strips you can buy for your vehicle. These include single color strips that are cheaper and color transforming strips that are more expensive but great for creating attractive color effects for your vehicle.

How Do LED Strips Work?

As the name implies, LED strips are based on LED technology. There are no filament bulbs but light emitting diodes that glow when a current passes through them. Since there is no burning involved like an incandescent bulb, LEDs do not generate much heat. This makes them ideal for placement inside the cabin. LED strip lights are created by combining many LED lights together on a strip for easier installation. LEDs are available in different colors including red, green and blue etc and don’t necessarily have to be white or yellow only. You can even change the output color for the strips by using special adapters.

Auxiliary LED Rock Lights Compatibility

Compatibility is usually not an issue with most rock lights offered at our store. But, there are some things you should pay attention to. For example, all LED rock lights are not suitable for all-vehicle or all-around installation. There are the brightness factors that you should consider. If you have big truck or an RV, you should not install tiny rock lights on them because it won’t look that good. We are not saying that you can’t do it, the lights will work. However, you should only use the bigger rock lights on them because you won’t receive enough brightness and a good effect with tiny rock lights on a vehicle like the Ford Super Duty.

Considerations for Installing LED Strips on Your Vehicle

If you are planning to install LED strip lights on your vehicle you need to think about some important factors. Start by considering the size and placement of the LED strips on your vehicle. You should also consider the number of LEDs inside a meter of the strip, the strip color, versatility, volts and the way the LED strip is designed. The LED holding capacity of vehicle LED strips is usually very low to make them lightweight. If you want to buy LED strips for the interior or underside lighting on your vehicle, don’t select heavy strip lights. The LED strips under and outside the vehicle will be exposed to water and dirt so make sure that they are sturdy enough to handle the job.

Benefits of LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights offer many positive benefits over conventional strip lights. Similar to other LED lights, they use much lower electrical power to produce greater lumens of light. A typical strip can run on 7.2 watts power to generate the same level of lighting that you get with a 35w halogen bulb. LED strips offer great color variety. They can generate warm white, cool white, red, blue, green and many more colors. LED strips also have a greater life span than conventional bulb strips. Most LED strip lights can work for up to 50,000 hours without trouble. Strip lights are more adaptable than normal lighting bulbs. The strips are made with LED bulbs that are very long and thin. The strips are easy to bend and fold, making them easier to set up than installing bulbs directly in places that are hard to reach. They can be aligned with frame exterior, around the edges, under the chassis, and vehicle’s interior roof. These lights are very safe to use and there is no risk of a burn when you touch them because LEDs don’t generate heat like conventional bulbs.

Headlights Revolution LED Strips

If you are building a vehicle for show, LED strips are perfect to set your vehicles apart from the rest. We offer LED strips, switchbacks, aluminum rigid strips and a host of strip lights that will accentuate your vehicle’s looks in every respect. Our LED products are sourced from top suppliers including Diode Dynamics, GTR Lighting and Vision X. The top sellers in this category include Diode Dynamics HD LED strips with single, double and triple color codes. We also offer flex motion undercarriage LEDs from Vision X and the highly popular heavy duty, waterproof LED strip from GTR Lighting with flexible wires and color harnesses. Need a recommendation for buying the best LED Rock Lights? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!