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Low and High Beam LED HeadLights

LED headlights have that cool whitish-blue glow that makes them immediately noticeable. Low and high beam LED headlights are very popular these days, and we offer complete headlight conversion kits, bulbs, and relays for users. Lighting technology has seen a lot of innovations in the past twenty years. There are more varieties of headlights available for car drivers, each offering its unique advantages and disadvantages. The more popular types of headlights include LED and HID Xenon headlights. Most vehicle owners upgrade their front projectors to one of these two. They add greater power and efficiency to your vehicle’s lighting system and improvement for most new and old vehicles. Headlights Revolution offers both LED and HID headlights for car owners. Our LED headlights are high quality and versatile, supplied from top OEMs in the market.

Get LED Headlights for Your Vehicle

LEDs began to become popular in homes more than a decade ago. People opted for them because they were more energy-efficient and produced much better lighting than regular bulbs. LEDs have also found their usefulness in vehicles. Today, LEDs are increasingly being used for car headlights, sidelights, turn signals, brakes, and other lights on the vehicle. While many argue that they are relatively more expensive, no one can deny that they are the most efficient and long-lasting types of lights that you can buy.

Pros and Cons of LED Headlights

The biggest advantage of upgrading to LED headlamps is that your power consumption will be reduced. If you often have to drive at night and need to keep your headlights on for hours each day, you will notice a significant difference in costs when you switch to LED from HID or even halogen lights. LEDs are also great because they do not cause glare like HID lights. HID lights are quite powerful, and their reflection from the road ahead can affect your visibility while driving. They can also momentarily blind other drivers who are driving in your direction. Another advantage is that LED lights turn on instantly, unlike incandescent bulbs that take a split second longer to achieve full glare. LEDs also last much longer than HID or halogen bulb. You will need to replace your HID bulb every year or two, while LED headlights can easily last 4 or 5 years. LEDs also have a couple of disadvantages. They are more expensive than HID lights in general. While higher lumens LED can achieve much greater brightness than halogen bulbs, LEDs are just not as powerful in projection as HID lights. Still, LEDs are much better than HID headlights in most regards. Unless you have to drive off-road often and need very powerful headlights for that, we would suggest upgrading your front headlights to LEDs.

High and Low Beam LED Headlights

Most headlights are built to offer two different types of projections: high beam and low beams. High beams shoot light straight ahead and allow you to see as far as the light from the bulbs is visible. High beams are preferred when you are driving fast, on a highway, and expect a smooth, clear road. Low beams project slightly dipped beams that are designed to illuminate the road in front of your vehicle and go up to the maximum distance possible. Low beams are recommended when you are driving in an urban area with plenty of lighting on the streets from stores and other vehicles. Most headlights have two separate bulbs that are switched on or off for high or low beam projection. There are also several headlights that use a single bulb for low or high beam, and the angle is switched based on the type of projection you want to use.

LED Load Resistors

When you upgrade your car’s lighting system you will need to upgrade the wiring as well in order for everything to work as intended. Halogen bulbs draw more power from the battery than LED bulbs. If you replace your factory installed halogen or HID bulbs to LED lights, you will need to regulate the flow of electricity to the bulbs.If you don’t update your harnesses, your LED lights will function in a very weird way. This is because your vehicle’s electric control system will detect that there is some problem with the bulbs as they are not consuming full electricity. This is where load resistors are handy as they regulate the power and ensure your LED bulbs operate at the desired level.

LED Harnesses, Connectors and Mounts

You will need to change the wiring for the lighting system in your car when you swath to LED lights. LED pro wiring, ignitors and adaptors will ensure that the new lights work correctly and the battery doesn’t supply more power than necessary to the lights. You may also need to use wiring extensions, light bar relays, LED lighting mounts and a couple of resistor harness kits that allow you to fit new LED lights in place. If you are looking to install LED wheel rings, halo lights for LED bar on the hood, you will need the appropriate installation bars as well.

Buy LED High and Low Beam Headlights

Headlights Revolution store offers a complete supply of single beam and multibeam LED headlights. We stock and sell LED headlights for popular vehicle brands as well as universal LED headlights that can be used in different models. We offer headlights for different models of Ford F Series, Raptor, Super Duty, Jeep Wrangle, Hummer H Series, Polaris RZR, Toyota Tacoma, and Tundra and all models of Nissan. We offer LED Lights with bulbs for all popular sizes that include H4, H6, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, H16, 9003, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 9012, 9145, HB3, HB4, HB5 and SL1. Our products are sourced from top brands that include Diode Dynamics, Vision X, GTR Lighting, Morimoto, and United Pacific. Xtreme LED Pro bulbs from XenonDepot, now available at Headlight Revolution Featuring a patented alloy leaf heatsink in lieu of a fan, the Xtreme LED Pro reliably power Philips Z ES bulbs with a stable 1,750lm per bulb output with no heat-related output droop or chance of fan failure! 1,750lm Stable (per bulb), Input voltage: 8-32V DC, Color temperature: 5,500K Diode Dynamics SL1 LED headlight bulbs are proudly made in the USA! The SL1 LED headlight bulbs feature a small, compact size to fit most all vehicle applications with no modifications, perfectly matched filament locations, and a strong hot spot where you need it with no glare. The SL1 LED headlight bulbs are also backed by a three-year warranty.These original GTR Lighting Ultra Series LED headlight bulbs were released in December of 2017 and were quickly honored as being the brightest LED headlight bulb upgrade available. These new bulbs are called part of the "Ultra Series" from GTR Lighting and have a strong focus on being ultra bright, ultra reliable and ultra precise. Their unique "filament-shaped" LED configuration allows them to focus the beam more like the original bulbs thus creating a brighter and better light output. Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs offer a nice upgrade over stock, and the results show! 2Stroke 2.0 bulbs were designed with the smallest possible footprint, while locating the Philips Lumileds Z ES chips as close to the stock halogen filament as possible! 23w per bulb, 2,440lm Raw (per bulb), Input voltage: 8-16V DC, Color temperature: 5,500K Introducing the S-V.4, the newest and brightest generation of bulb for 2018. We challenge you to find another bulb on the market that produces as much light as the S-V.4 while still retaining a perfect beam pattern! The S-V.4 LED headlight bulbs utilize the newest multi-core LED chip styles that feature one long crystal over the entire diode array to create a seamless light output source. 36 Watts Per Bulb, 3,600 Lumen Per Bulb, 2.50 amps Power Draw at 14VDC Per Bulb, Input voltage: 8-32V DC, Color temperature: 6,000K. The GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED bulb was designed with two main ideas in mind: 1) Perfect Fitment into any headlight housing - specially designed to closely mimic the size and shape of your original halogen light bulb for maximum capability! 2) Perfect Beam Pattern due to the alignment and design of the low-profile copper PCB and Philips Z ES "CSP" style LED chips. This LED configuration creates a similar light output profile as compared with the original filament bulb for an accurate beam pattern. 16 Watts Per Bulb, 2,500 Lumens Per Bulb (raw), 1.26 amps Power Draw at 14VDC Per Bulb, Input voltage: 9-16V DC, Color temperature: 6,000K. If you are looking to do a retrofit LED lighting upgrade job on your vehicle, you will need all the necessary tools and equipment to get things done. Headlights Revolution offers complete sets of wires, relays, connectors and tools that will help you do a fantastic upgrade job. Most retrofit after market upgrade kits come with all the necessary wires and equipment so you don’t need to buy them separately. However, many people do not like to use conversion kits because they are limited to using only what’s available in the kit. A customization job doesn’t really feel that customized. For all the users who want complete customization on vehicle lighting upgrade, we hear you. At Headlights Revolution, we understand that many car owners looking for a retrofit would prefer to get wires, relay harness, ballasts, bulbs and connectors separately so that they can customize their cars exactly how they like. That is why we offer complete LED installation accessories that you can buy separately for your vehicle’s retrofit upgrade. Here, you can browse through our stock of wires, harnesses, bulbs, adapters and connectors etc and buy each item separately.

Get Complete LED Installation Accessories

The Headlights Revolution store offers a large variety of LED installation accessories for users. Our LED accessories can be divided into three main categories; LED wiring, LED mounts and LED adapters and resistors. Our top sellers include LED conversion harnesses for the projector, headlights, brakes, signal lights, and reverse lights. We also stock Gold style resistors, interface modules for the 9005 / 9006 connectors and H11 - H13 style connectors from GTR Lighting. Additional products from GTR Lighting include cover caps for LED headlight bulbs, PWM interface modules, 50W resistors, metal bulb adapters and wire extensions. We also supply anti-flicker modules, LED resistor harnesses and LED adapters from Diode Dynamics. The store also offers top products from Morimoto including radio static reducer rings, high and low beam harnesses and LED bulb load resistors. Other top selling products from Morimoto include Amp igniter, relay harnesses, Xchange switchback drivers, D2S igniter and various bulb adapters. You can also find top quality mounts and brackets for LED rings, light bars or single lights at our store. Our best seller for LED mounts is N-FAB, offering high quality LED mounts and brackets for different models of vehicles. Other suppliers include Light Force and Xenon Depot, each offering LED light mounts for overhead, bumpers, number plates and front grille.

Top Quality LED Accessories from Headlights Revolution

Our store is committed to stocking and supplying products from the best LED accessory suppliers in the market. All of our products have been tested for quality and optimum performance. We provide a quick and reliable delivery and ship products all over the world. Headlights Revolution store is constantly expanding its product lines. We are adding new parts and accessories to our store. If you cannot find the right LED accessory for your retrofit job, chances are we have it in stock but it hasn’t been updated on the website. Please get in touch to let us know and we’ll be happy to find it for you. Need a recommendation for upgrading your LED headlights? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!