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Morimoto 2Stroke

2Stroke Morimoto LED Bulbs are exceptional in every way. While we still carry some of the 2.0 bulbs the 3.0 is the one we want to focus on here. The attention to detail on the 3.0 is so amazing that much of the innovation initially flew right over even our knowledgeable heads. Single filament models use Osram Oslon LED chips with 2,100 lumens at full temp while the dual filament LED bulbs use Luxeon Z ES Chips with 1,680 lumens at full temp. Both are bright and beautiful even on the darkest of nights and both provide full 360-degree clock-ability. With a total cubic volume of just 4.46mm on some models, the 2Stroke 3.0 has the most realistic virtual filament of a halogen bulb. Those attributes earn it a well-deserved spot in our lineup.

Xtreme LED Pro/CMB

Unlike many cheap LED upgrades the Xtreme LED Pro doesn’t take up space or require the effort to install these drop-in LED bulb upgrades. After an hour in torture testing 140-degree conditions, these LED bulbs are still producing 1,750 lumens. That means that in your much cooler daily driving you’ll get exceptionally bright and reliable 5500K lighting. CMB Stands for Color Match Bulbs. Leveraging Philips LumiLED emitters, these bulbs can match the color temperature you need without having to drop hundreds of dollars simply to get the look you want. That doesn’t mean these are cheap in terms of performance. They’re going to fit like factory and produce considerably more light with roughly 800 lumens per bulb.

GTR Lighting Ultra 2

When it comes to ensuring a bright and clear beam pattern, mimicking the position of the original light source inside a headlight is paramount. GTR Lighting does exactly that with its digitally optimized NLW753 LED chip position on the Ultra 2 LED bulb. Size matters too. Not only does the smaller overall footprint of the Ultra 2 allow it to fit much more easily than the vast majority of LED bulbs in the segments, but it also requires less work to keep this smaller bulb cool. That means that more power can be sent to the LED itself and we see that in the 3900-lumen output this small but mighty product delivers. They’re built tough too. Internally these lights are 100% potted and waterproof and outside they’re constructed with durable materials that allow GTR to back this light for life. That’s right, they plan on you never needing another light as long as you and your vehicle live.


Built from the same high-quality 6063 Aluminum that aircraft use, the S-V.4 is a truly complete package. This LED bulb uses NLW1860CV2 chips with no gap between diodes to provide as perfect a light source as possible. Compare that to cheap LED bulbs where you can see the gap between diodes and it’s easy to see why the S-V.4 out-performs. To keep performing in the harshest of weather, the S-V.4 uses a high-speed double ball bearing micro fan that functions even underwater. These bulbs are 100% CANBUS compliant so you won’t get the flickering and flashing that is notorious with cheaper bulbs. They can even be dimmed without causing flickering. Its small size provides all users with an easy installation process that takes up minimal space.


The CSP MINI is one of the easiest gateways into the LED lighting game. They’re roughly twice as bright as the standard lights on most vehicles. They produce roughly 2500 lumens and do it without worries about overheating or burning out. They can do that thanks to aircraft-grade aluminum that sheds heat quickly and efficiently. They’ve actually been torture tested at 194 degrees for 15 days straight without failing so it doesn’t really matter how hot and long your workdays are, the GTR Lighting CSP MINI LED is up to the task.

Diode Dynamics

The SL1 is one of the most impressive LED bulbs we’ve seen. By using a technique Diode Dynamics calls Ray Tracing they’ve built these bulbs around the way that light rays are traveling from the LED itself to the inside of the reflector and then onto the road. That means more usable light for you the driver. They’ve also built in a high-quality mag-lev fan to cool the unit without adding the bulk of cheaper lights that employ giant fans only to fail anyway due to overheating. In fact, the SL1 LED from Diode Dynamics has been tested to some extreme temperatures from -45 degrees all the way up to a blistering 185 degrees to ensure that it’ll light up for you every time no matter the conditions. The high attention to detail of this bulb demonstrates a commitment to build quality and long term performance that we really appreciate.

Philips Ultinon

Philips is a known brand because they simply don’t make a product for the public that isn’t high-quality. The Ultinon and X-Treme Ultinon are no different. Available with a 2700k temperature bulb for adverse weather conditions and a 6500k bulb for the darkest of nights, the Ultinon is an excellent choice for most drivers. The beam pattern is accurate and bright without causing glare for oncoming drivers or being so dim that they’re not worth the effort of installation. Philips proprietary AirFlux and AirCool technologies keep the assembly cool and keep this bulb running for up to 12 years. The X-treme Ultinon is on another level though. It takes all the great aspects of the Ultinon and turns the dial up even further. This brilliant LED Bulb is some 200% brighter than old-school halogen. What’s impressive about that is that this light is perfectly channeled onto the road.