GTR Lighting Ultra 2

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Landmark LED Chip Technology

Until now, every single LED headlight or fog light bulb you’ve ever seen on the market has used conventional LEDs to one degree or another. No matter how good the quality of those chips, they weren’t designed for automotive use so there were some shortcomings that they simply couldn’t overcome. With the Ultra Series 2.0, that’s all changed. Take a close look at the LEDs themselves and you’ll notice the all-new multi-core flip-chip LED array exclusive to the Ultra Series 2.0. It’s the first of its kind that’s been built for automotive applications and that’s why it has the unique look that it does. Since it doesn’t have to get around the caveats inherent with LED chips that aren’t for automotive use, the Ultra 2.0 can provide 3900 lumens per bulb. That’s nearly 8,000 total lumens from your fog lights. In our comparisons against different LED bulbs claiming that much out of a single bulb, we’ve found that the Ultra 2.0 is brighter than all of them. That all comes down to the way that the Ultra 2.0 gets its lighting onto the target and the engineering that went into the assembly itself. While we think that’s more than enough to convince us that the Ultra 2.0 is more than worth its asking price let us tell you what else makes it special.

Burnout Is A Word The Ultra 2 Doesn’t Know

When it comes to building a balanced LED light the combination of heatsink and bulb power is the determining factor. Too much power for the heatsink and the whole bulb will simply burn out and fail completely. Too little power and you’ll miss out on the brightness that the bulb is capable of. The Ultra Series 2.0 is perfectly engineered to provide the maximum allowable power for the integrated heatsink and fan. That means that the clear bright white 6000K color you get from the bulb won’t fade or yellow as the bulb warms up. It’ll stay the same color whether the bulb has been on for 5 minutes or 5 hours. GTR Lighting accomplished that by using a bearingless fan to evacuate heat quickly and quietly. The integrated aluminum heatsink draws heat from the LED chip face and the fan takes it away from there. The bulb itself is rated at a minimum lifespan of some 50,000 hours. You’d have to keep the lights on for more than 5 years straight without a single break to hit that number. Unlike other fan designs we’ve seen, this one is truly sturdy and reliable. It’s so good that it’s fully waterproof so it can handle the worst weather. GTR Lighting is so confident in the Ultra Series 2.0 that it offers a lifetime warranty on these bulbs. That’s right, they’re looking to be the last fog light bulb you’ll ever need. While it’s true that halogen bulbs are cheaper, they won’t last nearly this long. The Ultra 2.0 is a bulb you can install once for life. We can’t argue with bravado like that.

Engineering Aim And Fitment

When you build an LED light bulb you’ve got options about how to go about it. GTR Lighting has gone the extra mile to ensure its bulb is brighter than all the rest and we’ve seen that in testing. Take a look at cheapo options on the market and you’ll notice something odd about them, the LED chips that they use tend to be placed in different places with totally different distances from the base of the bulb. That’s why the Ultra 2 can go up against bigger brighter bulb claims and come out as the winner. It mimics the specific placement of the original halogen filament perfectly. It also ensures that it has a beam pattern that’s as good as if not better than the stock beam pattern. These features are great but they’re only possible because of the attention to detail that we see in the Ultra Series 2.0. Take for example the fully adjustable collar on all Series 2 bulbs. It doesn’t matter which bulb type you need, each of them can be perfectly clocked to the angle you need. That means you’ll get perfect 9 and 3 positions for the LED chips and maximum output every time. The small base of the Ultra 2.0 allows it to fit inside tight spaces with ease. If you have to squeeze the wiring between different parts you’ll appreciate the flat cord that the bulb uses and the compact driver that accompanies it. Really, GTR Lighting thought of everything that we could ask for when it comes to the Ultra Series 2.0. Many of us here at Headlight Revolution use it in our own vehicles.