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Tail Light Assemblies

The tail light assembly is an important set of lights for vehicles, mandated by the federal law. The lights must be working properly when you drive. If not, you could end up with a violation ticket at best or an accident at worst. We offer a complete set of tail lights that will make your drive safer and compliant to the law. The Tail Light Assembly is a group of lights that are installed on the rear-end of your vehicle. These lights consist of the brake-lights tail-lights and reversing lights. Each pair of tail lights serves a specific purpose for the benefit of other drivers and pedestrians behind your vehicle. Tail lights are generally red and designed to light up when the front headlamps are turned on. Brake-lights are a brighter red color and turn on every time the driver steps on the brake pedal. Reversing lamps are lit up when the driver puts the car in the reverse gear to move the vehicle back. All three tail lights must be working properly to ensure safety for you and other drivers on the road. In some vehicles, the brake-lights are combined with the tail lights through a dual-intensity, brighter lamp that turns brighter when the brakes are presses. Your vehicle may also be fitted with fog-lights that aid rear visibility during foggy weather conditions.

Importance of Tail Lights

Many pedestrians and drivers have suffered injuries and even lost their lives to road accidents. You could blame it on reckless driving or inexperience in some cases. However, it cannot be denied that a lot of accidents have much to do with visibility on the road. Whether you're an inexperienced or a veteran driver, you can encounter serious problems on the road if your vehicle isn't equipped with a functional tail light assembly. Your vehicle’s tail lights are located at the left and right corners of your vehicle's rear. They give out a bright red beam that illuminates your vehicle's backside to other drivers behind you. Without proper functioning tail lights on your vehicle, you will face more driving hazards. Tail light assemblies serve three main purposes. Keep your car visible while driving at night. Lower the risk of accidents for you and other drivers.Inform other drivers behind you about your intent of reversing or slowing down.

Considerations for Tail Lights

As a responsible driver, you will need to keep the communication lines open between you and the vehicles at your rear. You can do this by equipping your four-wheeler with a dependable Tail Light Assembly. Never make light of using a busted tail light assembly on your vehicle.It is the one thing that you should always keep in mind while driving. You may think that faulty tail light is a trivial thing, but it isn't. Imagine that you're making your way down a dimly lit street late in the evening, and you slow down to park. Your brake lights have been acting strange, but you never got around to getting them fixed. Suddenly, you hear the deafening sounds of squealing tires, and a split-second later, the car behind you slams against your rear bumper. This possibly fatal accident can be prevented if you use a functional rear tail light assembly. This is why it is important to have working tail light assembly parts. The assembly includes turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights. All these lights are crucial warning devices that alert the drivers behind you when you are about to brake, turn, or switch lanes. Besides increasing your vehicle's visibility at night or in other poor visibility conditions, these lights also ensure that the driver behind your vehicle has enough time to slow down and avoid any collisions. Each component of a tail light assembly is covered by a plastic casing or tail light lenses that are mounted on a frame called the tail light bezel. Most car manufacturers continue to use halogen bulbs in tail lights. However, you can switch to LED tail lights because they are brighter and more distinctive. They also last much longer and reduce the drain on your car batteries. That is why most vehicle owners switch to them. No matter whether you use LEDs or traditional tail light assemblies in your car, one thing remains true, that the tail light assembly is something that your car can't do without.

Tail Light Assemblies from Headlights Revolution

The Headlights Revolution store offers complete tail assemblies from popular brands. Our top selling products include LED tail lights and brake lights from GTR Lighting, Vision X, Morimoto, and United Pacific. We also offer HID tail light assemblies, and complete conversion kits are offered to upgrade your vehicle’s tail lights to better technology. Need a recommendation for buying the best Tail Light Assemblies? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!