Video Blog:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Switchback LEDs.

    PUBLISHED ON 3/31/2021

    Did you know you can get a white and amber switchback LED bulbLED stripLED halo, and integrated LED sequential turn signals found in some high-end headlight assemblies?

    Some are plug and play, where other options require a custom installation. Depending on what type of project you want to get into you need to watch this video and know what you're getting yourself into!
  • Explosive Headlight Testing - What is the best headlight for your truck?

    PUBLISHED ON 12/15/2020

    As you already know, here at Headlight Revolution we do lighting better than anyone else, because we test! In this video, Chris W shows you how we dispose of the products that we would not recommend even our worst enemies buy and install on their trucks! It's practically a CRIME that some companies make headlights that cost HUNDREDS of dollars, and claim to be better or brighter than your stock equipment - and then turns out to be a downgrade after all... Wasted hard-earned money, wasted time, and tons of frustration! That's what we want you to avoid and the whole reason we're here. 
    Please do your research before spending your hard-earned money on so-called lighting "replacements". If you need help our lighting-expert customer service team is happy to help.
  • LED Projector Headlights for Ford F150

    PUBLISHED ON 9/18/2020

    There are too many aftermarket headlight options out there that put LESS light on the road in front of you than your old stock headlights. The Morimoto XB LED projector with black-out styling, and modern Ford aesthetics is the best option for any Ford truck.

    There is an option for 09-14 F150, 15-17 F150 and Raptor, 18-20 F150, 08-10 Superduty, 11-16 Superduty, 17-19 Superduty, and 20+ F250 / F350 Superduty trucks. Not only are these headlights DOT compliant, but they are also super easy to install. The same amount of work to swap out a stock headlight will get you into a set of Morimoto XB LED headlights and you'll finally be able to see in front of you at night time!
  • The Best Behind-The-Grille Offroad LED Light Bar for Toyota 4Runner

    PUBLISHED ON 1/1/2019

    Did you know Vision X invented the world's first LED Light Bar? That means everyone else is following in their footsteps and today we still think they do it better than anyone else!

    If you don't like the flashy "look at me" look of having a roof-mounted light bar on your Toyota 4Runner, maybe this stealthy behind the girlle version makes more sense! Check out the install, and you'll be blow away by how good it looks and how bright it is. Turn on the sun in your truck with this kit!

  • What are the best LED fog lights?

    PUBLISHED ON 10/6/2020

    If your car or truck comes with fog lights, it's important that you choose the right product to fit your needs when doing a lighting upgrade - because they aren't all the same! Don't accidentally order an offroad pod solution when what you really needed was a bulb upgrade. 

    This video will explain the difference between projectorsoffroad pods, and LED bulb replacements so you can choose the right upgrade for your weekend project.
  • What are the best LED tail lights to choose?

    PUBLISHED ON 10/7/2020

    Should you get a full set of replacement tail lights, or just upgrade the bulbs to a super bright LEDoption? This video goes in-depth on what your options are, how they work, which ones are better, and how to choose the next project for your truck!
  • What Bulbs Do I Need? A beginner's guide to understand halogen headlight bulbs.

    PUBLISHED ON 10/5/2020

    If you're new to LED headlight and fog light bulbs, you NEED to watch this. This video explains the most common questions our customers have when trying to figure out which bulbs they need for their next project. 

    Here we talk about the difference between headlight and fog light bulbs; the difference between single beam and dual beam bulbs; and how to tell which bulb you need in order to purchase the correct LED version!
  • Why You Should Avoid Multi-Sided LED Bulbs

    PUBLISHED ON 9/11/2020

    Let's keep it simple... if an LED Headlight Bulb on more than 2 sides - IT IS NOT SAFE TO DRIVE WITH! Someone, somewhere, at some point in time thought "more LED chips is better" and they started making 3 and 4 sided "360 degree" LED headlight Bulbs.

    They are not safe to drive with because they create a fraction of the amount of light on the road that you need! Also, they are generally some of the cheapest stuff out there and are built with low-quality components. Save yourself the hassle and just get the stuff that works the first time around! This video will help.