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4Banger LED Fog Lights: Ram 1500 (13-18)

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x BAF005.2, 1 x BAF018

*Guaranteed Fitment
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Introducing the Morimoto 4Banger Fog Lights, your ultimate solution for powerful and street-legal illumination on the road. These fog lights come in two exceptional variants: the SAE Compliant NCS Wide Beam and the ultra-bright SAE Compliant HXB Wide Beam. The NCS Wide Beam meets the latest SAE F regulations, delivering superior visibility without compromising safety. With easy bolt-on and plug-n-play installation, upgrading your vehicle has never been simpler. Plus, the fully adjustable brackets ensure precise control of your light's aim. Morimoto's innovative design also incorporates active cooling, enhancing longevity and performance. Whether you opt for the white-output version for all-weather visibility or the yellow-output version for adverse conditions, Morimoto's attention to detail shines through. Experience unmatched brightness and control with the Morimoto 4Banger Fog Lights and illuminate your path like never before.


  • SAE Compliant: Morimoto 4Banger Fog Lights meet the latest SAE F regulations for street legal fog lights.
  • High-Intensity HXB: The HXB Wide Beam model sets an industry benchmark for brightness.
  • Easy Installation: Bolt-on design with included hardware and wiring adapters for hassle-free setup.
  • Fully Adjustable: +/- 6 degrees of vertical adjustability for precise aiming and control.
  • Active Cooling: Built-in duct work actively cools LED pods, enhancing lumen maintenance.


  • Fog Light Brackets: 2x (One Pair) BAF018 Brackets

  • LED Pods: 2x (One Pair) Morimoto 4Banger (Optional Color / Beam)

  • Hardware: Complete Pack (Stainless Steel)

  • Wiring: Plug N Play Connection Kit


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Note: These specifications are per pod / each!

  • Intensity:

  • NCS Wide Yellow: 8,680 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (86.8lux @ 10m)

  • NCS Wide White: 14,400 Cd (Post Warm-Up) (144lux @ 10m)

  • HXB Wide White: 22,400 Cd (@20 Min / 21C Ambient) (224lux @ 10m)

  • Input Voltage: 9-18V DC

  • Power (stabilized): 15.6w (NCS) 42w (HXB)

  • Current: 1.5A (NCS) or 3.2A (HXB)

  • Peak Luminosity (lm)(Raw): 1,300lm (NCS), 3,000lm (HXB)

  • Dimensions: 82mm W, 67mm H, 60mm D

  • Light Source: 3x Nichia NCSY131F, Nichia NCSW131F, or Osram HX Boost

  • Input: Proprietary Overmolded Deutsch DT 2-Pin

  • Material: Makrolon LED PC (Lens), Powdercoated Die Cast Aluminum (Housing)



  • DODGE RAM 1500: 2013-2018*

  • *NOTE: Despite sharing part #, some models require minor modification of hole to 17mm

  • REPLACES MOPAR PART #: 68104821AC, 68104820AC


Wide beam photometrics are SAE F 20 compliant (HXB Report)(NCS Report)


SAE Compliant Fog Lights: The Morimoto 4Banger NCS SAE Wide Beam out-performs the competition while complying with the latest SAE F regulations for a street legal fog light. The 4Banger HXB Wide Beam sets a new industry benchmark for intensity. But what's better than producing the best and brightest beam patterns that are safe for use on public roads as a fog light? The best fog-light specific mounting brackets for your Ram truck, of course.

Engineered Solution: Thanks to the smaller than usual footprint of the 4Banger, we now have a powerful fog light upgrade that fits properly and looks right. Other adapter kits for more traditionally-sized LED pods stick out like a sore thumb. Not here. Morimoto engineers spent hundreds of hours hands-on in the garage during development of the 4Banger brackets alone. Repeated rounds of design, prototyping, and test fitting have spawned the most refined set of fog light brackets that a Ram owner could ask for.

Easy Setup: Everything is designed to bolt-on and plug-n-play. No modifications are required to your vehicle or its wiring to install the 4Banger off-road lights in your fogs. Each kit includes all of the necessary hardware and high-quality wiring adapters to connect with your factory fog light harness. Note, your vehicle must have stock fog lights.

Fully Adjustable: These things are powerful, and while their wide beam pattern is perfect for use as a fog light, power is nothing without control. All brackets have +/- 6 degrees of vertical adjustability so that you can dial in the aim and ensure every ounce of intensity ends up on the road ahead, not in the eyes of oncoming traffic.

Air Cooled: As if the style, the fitment, the adjustability aren't enough --we have incorporated duct work into each bracket to actively cool the LED pods. This improves lumen maintenance by eliminating heat-soak, which is common in other LED Pod fog light kits that have no ventilation for the heat sink.

All Weather: The white-output version is ideal for all-around visibility. For those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog --the Yellow-output version will slay in sour weather. For HXB Spot and Combo models, Morimoto has opted for Phosphor-Converted Yellow LEDs that produce yellow light at the origin, which is the most effective way to penetrate through particles in the air without compromising output (Filtering white light through a yellow lens achieves the look, but no actual performance benefit in poor weather).

HXB Wide Beam: Offers an extremely wide beam pattern backed with powerful Osram HX Boost LEDs, making these the brightest SAE-Compliant fog light pod on the market today (80% brighter than Rigid D-Series SAE Fog and photometrics verified SAE Compliant by Calcoast ITL). The 4Banger HXB Wide beam delivers the best combination of width, intensity, and control - making it the most effective on and off-road LED fog light in the world.

NCS Wide Beam: Offers the same super wide beam pattern backed with LEDs from Nichia. Their superior vertical gradient control also been verified by Calcoast ITL to meet SAE F photometric standards for on-road use as a fog light, making them highly effective on the ground and glare-free for oncoming traffic. The NCS Wide beam is 14% brighter than its next closest competitor (Rigid D-Series SAE), while consuming 28% less power (15.6W vs 21.5W).

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Definitely recommend!!!


Purchased these to replace the XBs I tried which I was not happy with. I went with the HXB SAE Wide version. Holy mother of GOD are these things bright!!!! They will over-drive the Morimoto Ultra 2s I have the the low beams if aimed too high!!! Once aimed properly, they were easily 3 times brighter than the XBs were. The picture doesn't do the 4Bangers justice. I'm glad I spent the extra money on the HXBs. I can't speak for the lower tier version but I have no regrets. Also, once aimed properly, I drove around for a while and didn't get flashed once because they were too bright / high.

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