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H9: XTR HID Harnesses

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Brand: XenonDepot




PART #: 2 x XD.H060, 2 x H660

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Elevate your vehicle's lighting with XenonDepot's HID Kit Relay Harness! Crafted for peak performance, this harness features sealed relays, fuses, and copper connectors, ensuring unmatched durability. Specially designed for HID kit upgrades, it's a must-have for vehicles using can BUS technology. No more annoying strobing fog lights—our XenonDepot "HID Kit Relay Harness" is the ultimate solution. What makes us stand out? Receive not one, but two relay harnesses with each purchase, providing dual-sided assurance. Your safety is paramount, with each ballast/bulb enjoying an independent fused relay harness. Impeccably sealed relays, fuse holders, and copper connections guarantee reliability, even in challenging automotive scenarios. Elevate your drive with the trusted choice of experts and drivers—XenonDepot.


  • Enhanced Lighting: Elevate your drive with superior lighting.
  • Durable Build: Sealed relays, fuses & copper connectors for reliability.
  • Can BUS Compatibility: Essential for HID kit upgrades.
  • Dual Redundancy: 2 harnesses for backup on both sides.
  • Safe & Reliable: Individual fused harnesses for each bulb.


  • Harnesses: 2x (One Pair) XTR HID Relay Harnesses


This XenonDepot product includes a 1 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the XenonDepot team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us. Refunds Not Accepted.


  • Weatherproof: Sealed Relays, Sealed Fuseholders, and Copper Connectors


  • FITMENT: H8, H9, H11

Quality Harness: Sealed relays, sealed fuses, copper connectors - buy the best HID kit relay harness for your vehicle. Some vehicles require the installation of a relay harness when upgrading to an HID kit as a result of can BUS technology. If your vehicle's fog lights are strobing like crazy after an Hid kit installation, pick up XenonDepot's specially designed "HID kit Relay harness" to solve the craze!

Two-Pack: Unlike lower priced alternatives, you'll actually get 2 relay harnesses with each purchase: one complete harness per side. We believe that when using a relay harness, each ballast/bulb should have it's own independent fused relay harness to ensure both your fog lights don't go out if something fails. That aside, we also provide you with TRULY sealed relays, fuse holders, and tinned copper connections to ensure this harness meets tough automotive uses.

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