Morimoto Headlights

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Perhaps the thing we appreciate most about Morimoto XB LED Headlights is how easy they are to install. We’ve all been there, scratching and clawing to find a way to install some poorly designed lighting product that promises incredible results only to be disappointed once they finally get powered up. Morimoto headlights bolt into the factory mounting points so installation is truly the reverse of removal. That alone is spectacular because you won’t have to cut or trim a single piece of your vehicle to get these things in. The wiring is a breeze too thanks to Morimoto providing each set of lights with the correct sockets and plugs for a true 100% plug-n-play install. Don’t spend hours cutting and splicing wires hoping that you’ll end up saving a buck or two. Your time is valuable and Morimoto allows you to keep the majority of it with headlights that can often be installed in less than an hour. One other thing. If you were to ever sell or trade your vehicle, the old headlights could easily be reinstalled since nothing is damaged during the install of XB LEDs. Food for thought.

XB LED Headlights

The XB LED Full Headlight assembly is offered for multiple applications and is simply stunning. LED headlights don’t suffer from the delayed start and cold start issues of HIDs so when you flip the switch these immediately ignite the night ahead in a bright clear light. The multi-projector optics are a standout feature that you won’t find on lesser brands. It allows Morimoto to provide stand-alone low and high beam LED functions in one complete housing that will last virtually forever. The internal design of each housing is unique and compliments the vehicle they’re associated with, oftentimes mimicking the latest style available. With the vast majority of the XB LED Headlight line, the LED turn signal is sequential. That means you’ll get that futuristic feature each time you light them up. Also snazzy is the light show that these headlights put on each time you walk up and unlock the vehicle. These LED headlights are a big upgrade in every sense of the word no matter which facet of them you’re talking about. Oh yea, one more thing, all XB LED Headlights are 100% DOT approved for on-road use so there’s never going to be one of the boys in blue giving a ticket because your lights are for “off-road use only”.

XB LED Hybrid Headlights

Looking for the XB LED look but on a tighter budget? The XB LED Hybrid Headlight might be perfect for you. It features the same super bright LED high and low beam multi-projector optics of the full XB LED Headlight line but with incandescent accent lighting to make sure that it can be sold at a lower entry price. It still comes with the same UV-resistant polycarbonate lens so you won’t get yellowing or hazing that cheap headlights often suffer from. It’s also built with the same high-quality housing materials that will bolt directly into the original mounting points on your vehicle so installation will be a breeze. Even the DRL is going to use the same super-bright LEDs that the full XB LED headlight uses so there’s no loss in performance there.


Part of the Morimoto story that we really appreciate is the companies commitment to sustainable business practices. Sustainability plays a role in every part of the company from manufacturing, to research and development, all the way down to the waste management of construction by-products. Manufacturing sites are as efficient and thoughtfully used. By-products that can be recycled are recycled to be used again. Harmful waste is disposed of thoughtfully and safely in ways that won’t adversely affect the environment or those in it. They’re one of the few companies building a totally mercury-free D3 and D4 xenon lamp and ballast that performs exceptionally well and they’ve leveraged that technology to keep the environment just that much cleaner.

Universal Options

If you’re looking for the most reliable and beautiful LED lighting option for your truck, SUV, Jeep, or classic car, Morimoto still has you covered. They’ve taken three of the most popular sizes of headlight and built stand-alone LED options so that no matter what kind of rig you’re running, you can have the best lighting available. Take for example their Sealed5, a 5x7 LED headlight that’s a true drop-in replacement for practically any 5x7 headlamp housing out there. It’s complete with both high and low beam LED optics as well as an H4 connector. That connector is the same 3-wire male plug that old-school headlight used and this one won’t sap your electrical system since it’s all LED. If you’ve been looking for a round option though don’t fret, the Sealed7 is the road home. It’s a full 7-inch LED headlight that’s perfect for your Jeep or classic car. Unlike every other 7-inch headlight out there this one looks unique and classy. It fits in any vehicle and adds style without stealing attention in a bad way. If you’re in a Jeep you can get the anti-flicker module with it to ensure a perfect operational experience. If you’re in a classic car, get it with the H4 connector for a seamless install. Either way, Morimoto has you covered.