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Universal Vehicle Headlights

A lot of vehicle owners prefer to customize the lighting on their ride to match their driving preference. The universal vehicle headlights offer a good base for building your dream vehicle with the type of customization that you want. Headlight Revolution supplies headlights and vehicle lighting solutions for clients all over the world. Due to manufacturing differences in different parts of the world, certain vehicle specific headlights built for one market may not work well in a different market. For instance, consider the vehicle headlight regulations in Europe that are slightly different from headlight regulations followed in Japan and Asia pacific. While there are many similarities as well, differences in style preference and local legislation are enough that headlights built for a model of Toyota in the U.S. market may not fit well with the same model built for Europe. This is where universal headlights can be useful. Universal headlights are designed to fit into different brands and models of vehicles without making them look out of place. Universals headlights are also great if you are looking to change the appearance of your ride and give it a cool or unique look.

Options for Universal Headlights

When it comes to buying universal headlights for your vehicle, there are two options that you have; projector headlights and reflector headlights. The main difference between the two is that projectors have lenses that focus the light from the bulb and shoot it out in a narrow and focused, far reaching beam. Reflector headlights use polished reflective surface to project light forward. They cover a wider angle and more area is illuminated but the light is less intense and not as focused as projector headlights. Reflector Headlights. Reflector headlight technology has been around for many decades. It is the primary type of headlight housing that you will find in most vehicles and trucks, even new ones. Reflector headlights are cheaper to produce and take up less space which means a smaller housing unit compared to projectors. For a reflector type universal headlight, the bulb is mounted in a bowl or cup shaped housing compartment. The surface of the cup is coated with chrome paint which reflects the light straight onto the road. The bowl is angled to reflect light onto a wider area. You can use all three common types of bulbs for universal headlights; halogen, HID and LED. The preferred bulbs for reflectors these days however are LEDs. Projector Headlights. Projector headlights are based on a newer technology that is becoming increasingly popular. It is similar to reflectors in that both types of headlights use a bulb that shines inside a reflective casing. For projectors however, the light passes through a lens at the front of the bulb that focuses light into a narrow beam. This lens, known as a condenser lens, causes the light to become more focused which results in a narrower but brighter light beam. The design is very slick and visually appealing. It wastes very little light and you can tell the cut-off point by simply looking at the projected light output. Halogen, HID and LED bulbs are all great for projector type headlights. The most preferred for these headlights are HID bulbs because of their more powerful output.

Universal Headlights from Headlight Revolution

Headlight Revolution store offers a variety of bulbs for vehicle specific are universal headlight fittings. If you are looking for a standard factory fitted H11 bulb for your headlights you can find it on our HID and LED headlamp pages. We offer bulbs from popular OEM suppliers including JW Speaker, Vision X and GTR Lighting. You can find headlights in round, rectangle and square designs based on your preference. We also sell other headlights including H1, H3 H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13 for all universal fittings. No matter which manufacturer you buy them from, all our headlight bulbs will fit with ease as long as you buy the correct light casing for your vehicle. Some international customers think that they have to buy bulbs that are specific to their country. This is not true when it comes to universal headlights. While it is true that some bulbs are manufactured specifically for an American or Australian brand of vehicle but when you use a universal fitting, such as the H7 bulb, it can be used anywhere in the world without any problems. A H7 in the U.S. is exactly the same as a H7 light that you may pick up in the UK and both of them will work the same on universal headlights. When buing new or replacement universal headlights for your vehicle, the first step is to find out what would fit well on your vehicle. You can find out compatibility issues by checking your vehicle handbook or get in touch with our customer reps to find out more. If you want to ditch the original look and feel of your ride and get a set of wild aftermarket headlight housings, you've come to the right place! Pick a brand of housing and check out what's available. Some have halos and LED accents, some are DOT approved for HID lights. If you need help picking out the right set, just contact us for assistance. If your vehicle has OEM equipped glass filament "sealed beam" headlight housings you're in luck because there are a TON of upgrades availalbe for your vehicle. Choose from all standard sizes below. 7" Round, 6" Round (AKA 5.75" Round), 4x6" Rectangular and 5x7" Rectangular (AKA 7x6"). There are LED replacements, halogen and HID options available in many styles and colors. Watch our videos before buying so you have a good idea of the differences between all of these options. Before you pick out your next 7" round, 5x7” or 4x6”, 4.75” Par38, or 4.5” Round Par 6 sealed beam headlight housing replacements, make sure to browse our selection of available options and watch our review videos so you can pick out the ones that make the most sense for your project! Do you need HID or LED? Projector or reflector? Chrome or black? Between our review videos and customer support Headlight Revolution can halp you make the best decision on your next headlight upgrade decision! Vision X offers two distinct headlight housing options: The LED Vortex series, featuring a lifetime warranty, built in halos, and some of the best and brightest optics in the world. And the halogen reflector style for sealed beam applications. Vision X lights can be used on cars, trucks, semi trucks and motorcycles. Anzo is a world class leader in functional and stylish aftermarket headlight housings. Whether you want to increase lighting performance and safety, or just give your truck some extra bling - Anzo headlights are a high quality dependable option. Heretic Studio made in the USA provides unbelievably unique and high quality billet aluminum LED headlights for your favorite ATV and side by side. customize the color and beam pattern for a truly custom look. Oracle LED headlights come in a wide range of sizes, styles and options. If you are looking for sealed beam, or complete OEM housings, there are several designs of each. If you need help picking out the right headlight for your car or truck please contact us. Truck-Lite was the first company to invent a full LED headlight housing replacement to replace 7" round sealed beams primarily for military use. This headlight was the first of it's kind, and today's generation of high-tech LED sealed beam headlight housings are even better! Truck-Lite is still at the forefront of high quality sealed beam headlight housing replacements for sealed beam glass incandescent headlights. Starr HID is a unique company because they are the only ones in the world that have produced a plug and play DOT approved HID Projector aftermarket headlight. When you see other aftermarket projector headlights you'll see that they are only DOT approved with halogen bulbs. The second you stick an HID conversion kit in anything else, it's illegal. Starr HID uses OEM grade projectors, HID ballasts and bulbs to provide you with an OEM-like upgrade experience that will never get you in trouble with the law! Whether you're building a hot rod, rat rod, or upfitting a forklift or airplane, there are a ton of different universal headlight housings availalbe. Projectors and standalone units can be mounted in many unique configurations to fit your needs. From large and alien, to sleek and stealthy. If you need help picking out the right universal headlight housing for your next project please contact us for help! JW Speaker has a long history of producing some of the world's best and brightest headlight housings. Today they offer high quality, made in America LED headlight housngs for a wide range of applications such as motorcycles, fork lifts, semi trucks, Jeeps, offroad vehicles, and even universal headlights for custom applications. Before you spend your hard earned cash on a set of JW Speaker headlights, check out our video to see exactly why we think they're so great! Need a recommendation for buying the universal headlights? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!