Morimoto Sealed Beam

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Morimoto Quality Makes It A Perfect Partner For Headlight Revolution

Despite pushing the envelope constantly, Morimoto doesn’t sacrifice its principles of sustainability and environmentally friendly building techniques. They’ve even built their facilities to be as green as possible. That theme continues as they consider and manage waste too. At Headlight Revolution we care about doing things right and Morimoto has made it clear that they do too. Spending the time and energy to do things right isn’t always easy but Morimoto makes it work and still manages to create some of the most OEM comparable products on the market. For example, its mercury-free D3 and D4 line of xenon lamps and ballast still provide incredible performance. The quality of the housings, wiring, lenses, and LED chips are second to none. We’ve tested them all and regardless of the vehicle you have, these sealed beam LED headlights will completely change the way you see at night.

The Sealed 3 Provides Compact But Bright LED Head Light Performance

90mm headlights come in everything from buses, to trucks, to classic cars and even many kit cars. When it comes to getting the best lighting for your rig that uses such headlights, the Morimoto Sealed3 is an excellent choice. While the vast majority of the competition is severely underpowered, we’re confident that the Sealed3 is a true headlight. We also love that you can get it however you need it, order it as a dedicated high beam or low beam, alternatively get it as a combination of both the high and low beam in a single sealed and stout assembly. Our man TRSMatt actually just installed these in his Ferrari 355. He chose them because they give him a whole new set of low beams that look like stock fog lights. It’s easy to see how easily the Sealed3 LED integrates into the 90mm space and how much brighter it is over the original bulbs. This bulb is tough too, it’s IP67 rated to keep water, dust, and debris out so that it can keep going no matter what kind of punishment you put it through.

Update Your Square Sealed Beam With Morimoto Sealed4 & Sealed5

If you’re still rocking old-school sealed-beam headlights then you know how far behind the times their performance really is. Thanks to regulation we were stuck with this style of dim lighting for far too long. Nevertheless, today we can completely change the way that we drive our classic vehicles once they’re equipped with modern LED lighting. The Sealed4 takes up the exact same space as the original 4x6 sealed beam your vehicle came with and has a standard H4 3-pin male input on the back. The Sealed5 is nearly identical but fits 5x7 sealed beam headlights. Each is powered by an intense Nichia NCSW170C LED chipset. The die-cast housing is incredibly robust so just because you’re going with modern materials doesn’t mean you’re losing anything in the toughness category. In terms of overall brightness and performance, both of these headlights produce some 2,400 lumens on their low beam setting and then bump that to 4,300 when you flip on the high beams.

No 7-Inch LED Headlight Is Like The Sealed7 From Morimoto

This headlight is one of the coolest LED products we’ve ever seen and the fact that it’s from Morimoto makes us even more excited to share it with you. It’s a complete package that provides your high beam, low beam, turn signal, and DRL. It also leverages Morimoto’s Kuria lens technology so that the light gets where it belongs, on the road, and not in the ditch. The technology packed inside is just over the top. The low beam creates some 3,000 lumens and then the dual burn function keeps it on as you illuminate the high beam which then results in some 4,000 lumens. The lens is shatterproof and UV resistant too. You’ll love the powder-coated aluminum housing and how easy it is to mount. Installing the Sealed7 in your classic car, truck, or motorcycle that originally came with PAR56 headlights is like going from the invention of fire to landing on the moon with one modification. This beast comes with a 5-year warranty and won’t disappoint. The Sealed7 comes with an H13 plug to fit modern Jeeps but can be had with an adapter to quickly and simply fit an H4 fitted vehicle.